Spring Break with your grandpa? We found out!

2017-02-22 17:00

Cape Town  - We've all heard the stories and seen the movies about Spring Break

Now imagine going to the festivities with one of your grandparents. 

That's exactly what six pairs will do in the new MTV show, Spring Break with Grandad

This unlikely group head to Cancun to prove that they are the biggest party animals on the planet and they will be judged by the ultimate party boy, Gary Beadle of Geordie Shore.

Amongst the group of Spring Breakers is 23-year-old Paige and her 69-year-old grandad, Bob.

The VIP club hostess claims to be a ‘female player’ that would give any of the boys a run for their money. While grandad Bob is laid-back and says that Paige has a tendency to go for ‘wronguns’ and will definitely ward them off. 

Meet them here

We had a quick chat with Paige and Bob about the experience and what to expect from the show. 

Why did you decide to do the show?

Paige: I have always felt like a big fish in a small pond and thought it would be an amazing opportunity and to bring my grandad would make him relive his youth again! And as my nan passed away he doesn't do much now so thought it would be fun.

Bob: Well I thought I would do it for Paige.

Bob, before signing on to do the show did you have any idea what Spring Break was?

No I had no idea whatsoever! I thought it was a nice sunny holiday but just at a certain time of year!

Bob, what did you do for ‘fun’ when you were young? 

We went to the seaside, had a swim, sand and...ice cream! Went to the Pictures and clubs, but not like the clubs now, they were in town halls and we used to pick girls up from the town halls in our cars and the posher the car the posher the girl. (laughs)

Bob, how would you compare your partying days to the way youngsters party now?

There was no drink involved, and we had to be in at a certain time, if you didn't you got told off! We had good fun as we didn't know any different.

Paige, was it daunting taking your granddad with you? 

I was a bit sceptical taking my grandad and thought it would be different and it certainly was! We have always been on holiday together. My grandad always makes me laugh to the point that everything that we do together is always fun!

Paige, were you more reserved because your grandad was with you?

I am myself so I don't think I was too reserved but there were some things I had to hold back on as I thought it would be too much for him to see!

What’s the one thing you learnt about the other that surprised you?

Bob: We had better fun than what we did back in the day so the whole having fun aspect surprised me a bit.

Paige: I didn't realise Bob could party! A whole new Bob came out when he started dancing on the Cavan beds at pool parties! (laughs)

Did this experience strengthen your relationship?

We have always done stuff as a family together, so not really as we are in and out of each other's pockets anyway and speak all the time. But it was a fun experience and it's something we can both look back on and laugh about!

Would you ever go on holiday together again?

Definitely, we had so much fun and would love to do it all again!

Catch Spring Break with Grandad on Wednesday 22 February at 21:15 on MTV (DStv 130).

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