Survivor SA's Ace fills us in on what was in the basket he took to tribal council

2018-05-25 12:15

Cape Town – Adrian Chetty aka Ace’s luck finally ran out as he became the fourth castaway to exit Survivor South Africa: Philippines this week.

After a tribe shuffle the 28-year-old graphic designer seemed to have a new lease on the game and hit the jackpot when he discovered an immunity idol clue. 

But he didn’t have enough time to find it to secure his stay on the island. 

We caught up withAce chat about his game plan, being the underdog and how Survivor SA has changed him.

You knew it was either Josie or yourself who would leave. Were you still surprised to see your name come up?

Not at all. Going in to tribal council I had a strong feeling that it was me instead of Josie because I knew that Werner wouldn’t want to keep another guy in the game. For me it seemed like he wanted to establish the dominance at that point already. 

You made a point that no one approached you to join their alliance when the new Luzon tribe was formed. Why didn’t you approach anyone?

A lot of things happen on the island. Your mind set just changes from what it usually is. I spoke to the three Mindanao players and it didn’t seem like they were willing to switch, they were solid as a rock. The only other option I saw was finding an immunity idol. Me finding that clue took my attention away from dealing with the players and instead sent me on a wild goose chase looking for it. In hindsight I should have spent more time talking to the players. 

You tried to pull a Palesa by lying about having an idol. What was in that basket you took to tribal council?

(Laughs) I had my fake idol in there in a pouch. What I tried to do was to spook them into playing an immunity idol if they had it, but they didn’t. 

What was your initial strategy going into the game?

Going into the game I had to establish that there is Adrian who is me in my normal life – the calm cool person who loves people and will never back stab and betray anyone. And then I had to make this character Ace, who is able to play and scheme his way out of things and make people feel sorry for him under the false pretense that he was the underdog and feel safe somehow without being noticed.

How do you feel about the way you were portrayed as the ‘ace up everyone’s sleeves’?

I wanted people to think that they had some control. But nobody suspected that Ace was doing this out of his own accord, everyone thought that Ace was being controlled by them and that they are the master puppeteers. But they were the puppets in the end. 

What did this experience teach you about yourself?

I prefer being Adrian over Ace in my real life. Since Survivor, I have taken my wife and my daughters out camping. It has really taught me a lot in my life. 

Who do you think could win Survivor SA? 

Right now my money would be on Werner just because of the way he is playing the game. He has a good sense of players around him, he has the alliance, he has the personality that keeps people interested in him and also he has a way of fooling people into thinking he cares for them. 

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(Photos supplied: M-Net)

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