Survivor SA's Chané on her love-hate relationship with Tom and her accidental hair dye dilemma

2018-07-06 12:48

Cape Town – After a fiery tribal council Chané Mynhardt became the ninth contestant to be voted out and the second jury member on Survivor SA: Philippines.

The 28-year-old admin clerk from Bloemfontein started the game out strong when she blindsided Seamus in episode one.

But as we know, anything can happen on the island and saving Tom became her albatross. Through a tribal shuffle she found herself on a dwindling alliance and when merge came along she was unable to break into the ‘Mindanao’ strong alliance in Araw. 

We chatted to Chané about her love-hate relationship with Tom, reuniting with Vusi at Ponderosa and about her DIY dye job.

Tribal Council was like a soapie – is there anything that went on there that the viewers didn’t see?

No, I definitely think you got a good clear view of what was happening. It was crazy!

You and Annalize were originally together in tribe Luzon. Did it surprise you at merge just how high she had moved in the alliance hierarchy? What do you think she brings to the game?

Annalize did impress me, but I did expect her to go far. Her strategy is playing the mother role, the caretaker and no one wants to stab their mother in the back. We bonded in the beginning and we were very close so I was surprised that her and Katinka got along so well. That was so disappointing for me but that’s just personal things. She is definitely smart, her sticking with Werner is a smart move. 

You had a love-hate relationship with Tom. What was the one thing that he did that that pushed you away?

Him not playing his immunity idol for me after he said he would and I got that idol for him. I should have kept it. He said he is such a loyal person and I am the reason he is still there from episode one. 

What did you think of Jeanne’s strong defence of Tom at Tribal Council?

I disagree with that completely! I was very thankful for Tom's efforts and looking back at the episodes I did thank him. I think Tom twisted the truth a lot. I think Jeanne is playing strategically because Tom needs that kind of validation. 

You and Vusi didn’t originally get along at Luzon. What was it like reuniting with him at Ponderosa?

At Luzon we were a tribe divided from the beginning so we never bonded. When Palesa, Vusi and I ended up together at Visayas we had to get along. We were so few people and we got to know each other a lot better. I was so happy to see him again at Ponderosa!

You had an incident when you washed your hair and ended up dyeing it. So, who has more fun blondes or 'rustic' blondes?

I say blondes. After I dyed my hair I got voted out!

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