Survivor SA's PK on Werner: 'I think he is more of a magician than a pastor'

2018-07-27 16:00

Cape Town – After evading a number of close calls PK Phetoe became the unlucky 13th castaway to be voted off the island on Survivor South Africa: Philippines.

The 28-year-old mining technician from Centurion had been part of a powerful alliance since the start of the game, when he found himself part of the ‘Original Five’ at Mindanao. 

He formed a particularly close bond with Tevin and worked with him all the way until episode seven.

With nothing to lose PK sowed seeds amongst the five strong alliance but not enough to shake their bond. 

We chatted to PK about his fights with Tom, Werner the puppet master and if he regrets getting Tevin out of the game before merge. 

Annalize was all talk and no game – knowing now that she has that extra vote – how would you have played it?

All we needed was three people – myself, Annalise and she should have roped Katinka in. We could have gotten Jeanne out and that could have probably changed the entire outcome of the game. We could have had a controlling majority. I voted for Annalise. I wanted to make a point because I think she will be voted out because she is at the bottom.

You did a lot of stirring – do you think some of the seeds you planted will stay with the rest of tribe? Who do you think was rattled most?

Everybody will agree with me when I say that Werner was rattled the most. He was playing a very stealth game. He would promise people things and people wouldn’t communicate the fact that he had promised them anything. I don’t even think Katinka knew that Werner was promising two people the same thing. Everyone had different information. Annalize didn’t even know that she wasn’t promised anything! 

Speaking about Werner what are your thoughts on how he is playing the game?

I think he is playing a very good game. I do have to give that to him. He has everybody under a spell, he cast a spell! I think he is more of a magician than a pastor. 

You had two explosive arguments with Tom – was that strategic or did he just genuinely annoy you?

You would think he annoyed me right? But it was actually very strategic. Tom gave me a platform to communicate and let people know what is actually happening. With those arguments I think I let people think differently: ‘Maybe what’s happening here is not what I have been thinking.’

Do you have any regrets about getting Tevin out of the game so early?

Survivor has a lot of different variations there is always going to be different outcomes in the game. Maybe we had gotten to merge and people thought Tevin is a threat and they took him out early, like what happened to Vusi. Or Tevin could have orchestrated a game that would have seen me leave earlier. I made it to number 6. He didn’t sign up for Survivor to make me win, he wanted to win too. We were competitors so I don’t think he went out early he went out at the right time. And if I had to do it again, I would do it exactly the same way.

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