Survivor SA's self-proclaimed villain on being the first to leave

2018-05-04 13:36

Cape Town – The sixth season of Survivor SA debuted with an action packed episode filled with twists, drama and blindsides.

Self-proclaimed villain Seamus Holmes was the first contestant to have his flame snuffed out at tribal council.

The 25-year-old property broker from Durban had his head in the game from the moment he set foot on the island. However, all his scheming backfired when his alliance turned against him to play their own game. 

We chatted to Seamus about his strategy, being the first person to be eliminated and asked him who he thinks has it in them to become the ultimate survivor.

You’re the first person to be eliminated how are you feeling?

It was hard to relive it! I am happy with how the whole thing turned out but obviously I am gutted by the result. I played a good game in my opinion. 

How do you feel about the way you played the game and the social media reaction to you?

I really don’t have an opinion on how other people feel about me and how I played. I didn’t just go in recklessly. I had a strategy going into that first tribal council. The game is supposed to be played hard and ruthlessly, from day one. Had that vote gone my way I would have eliminated my first threat Tom and would have aligned with the more malleable alliance members. Going forward I would have had eight in my pocket, a handful of people who I really trusted and could have picked them off one by one and gone into merge really strong. 

Is there anything you would have done differently?

No, I had a plan but it just didn’t work out. If it did I would have been in a great position going forward for the rest of the game. The only thing I regret is not finding an immunity idol. It would have been great to play that idol in the first tribal council.

You went in wanting to be the villain – what were your other strengths?

I was quite confident in the challenges. I wasn’t there to build a shelter and sing Kumbaya around the campfire. I wanted to play a strategic game. I didn’t even want to win the R1m. I just wanted to play the greatest game on earth.

What are your thoughts on the opposing tribe, Mindanaoa?

I definitely have some favourites – Tevin and the pastor. Marthinus on the other hand, I don’t know how he got on the show. I wish him well I hope he comes right from whatever was making him feel so sick.

What did you think about Tom telling you about the blindside. How would you have played it?

That was the dumbest thing he could have done. I could see the conversations they were having and Chané was being a bit more confident in her approach and I could see that she wasn’t going to let me call the shots in that alliance.  If I was in Tom’s position I would have kept very quiet and I would have looked a lot harder for an idol. 

Ace went from being on the chopping block to holding the power. How long do you think he is going to last in the game?

That’s a tough one! Well, he is in the majority alliance going forward so it is whether or not they want to keep him there. I think he feels guilty and it is going to weigh on his conscious which is going to make him suggestible to any ideas. It is going to be interesting to watch going forward. 

Do you think the ultimate survivor is in Luzon?

Josie is too good-hearted to be a true villain however, she can plant ideas likes a bloody farmer. She is a player, she understands the game and she plays it well. If I would back anyone from my tribe it would be her. I really got along well with Vusi as a mate, even though I said I wasn’t there to make friends he was a surprise, he is a nice guy. 

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