The 9 best weddings on internet TV

2018-05-19 06:00
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Cape Town - Say “mazels” to Harry and Meghan as they tie the knot tomorrow by streaming these movies, series and live events on internet TV this weekend.

1. The Royal Wedding (DStv Now)

DStv subscribers are spoiled for choice when it comes to Royal Wedding coverage. Live stream the event of the year on any of these channels on DStv Now from 12 noon tomorrow: BBC World News, E! Entertainment, ITV Choice and Sky News. And if you want to go all in and witness the preparations, stream BBC World News for live coverage of the build-up from Windsor Castle. It’s bound to be a day to remember.

2. Tali’s Wedding Diary (Showmax)

This Showmax Original is kind-of like Harry and Megan’s big day in that the bride, Tali, is a complete princess, and the event is a royal disaster. Stream the mockumentary starring Julia Anastasopoulos in the titular role, Anton Taylor as her sweet, hapless groom Darryn Nudelman, Glen Biderman-Pam as Darryn’s right-hand moron Rael Rosen, Kate Normington as mother of the bride, and Julia’s sister IRL Stephanie Anastasopoulos as maid of honour. (PS You’ll never look at butterflies the same way again.)

3. Becoming Mrs Jones (Showmax)

Anyone who’s got married will know there’s so much more to the wedding than the day itself - the months of planning everything from the flowers to the canapes to the bridesmaids’ shoes are enough to put any bride-to-be in a flat spin. And when the bride is South Africa’s darling Minnie Dlamini and the wedding is the social event of the year, the stakes are even higher. Go on the journey of a lifetime with the future Mrs Jones as she prepares for her big day in this three-part reality show special.

4. Wedding Bashers, S1 (Showmax)

When 24 South African couples from different backgrounds, cultures and religions invited the four judges and camera crew of Wedding Bashers to their big day, they did it for the chance to win the dream prize of R250 000 in cash. Former Miss SA Cindy Nell-Roberts, celebrity chef Siba Mtongana, wedding planner Zavion Kotze and socialite Denise Zimba judge the decor, the music, the style, the food, the dress, the budget, the guests and the atmosphere of each event - and they hold nothing back when it comes to criticism. Think you know what takes a wedding from “meh” to “magnificent”? See if you agree with the judges by streaming the whole of Season 1 on Showmax.

5. Bridesmaids (Showmax)

Kristen Wiig co-wrote this comedy, and stars as Annie, a woman whose life is veering off the rails - and that’s before her childhood best friend, Lil (Maya Rudolph), asks her to be the maid of honour at her wedding. Annie tries her best, but after one too many mishaps and misdemeanours, Lil relieves her of her duties. This hilarious, feminist comedy from Judd Apatow stars Melissa McCarthy in an Oscar-nominated role as the sister of the bride, and shows how political the build-up to a wedding can be, especially when the bridesmaids are a bunch of loose cannons.

6. Konfetti (Showmax)

At the wedding of Afrikaans Jean and Jewish Sherryl, best man Lukas loses the ring and books the bride’s nemesis as the wedding singer. Can he turn this oy vey affair into a jol? Starring a line-up of South African stars, from Kim Engelbrecht to Nico Panagio to Casey B Dolan, this local comedy is a barrel of laughs, and if you’ve ever sat through a cringe-worthy best man’s toast at a wedding in real life, you’ll know exactly how these wedding guests feel.

7. Friends, Season 4, episodes 23-24 (Showmax, Netflix)

The One With Ross’s Wedding sees Joey, Monica and Chandler travelling to England to celebrate Ross’s marriage to Emily, where they are eventually joined by Rachel. (Phoebe couldn’t make it because she was pregnant with her brother’s triplets - and, in real life, Lisa Kudrow was too pregnant to fly to London with the rest of the cast, and gave birth to her son on the day of the episode’s original airing.) Fans know exactly how the wedding - and the season - ends, but it’s worth rewatching if only for the look on Rachel’s face when Ross says her name.

8. The Week Of (Netflix)

Adam Sandler and Chris Rock play two very different fathers who are forced to spend a week together ahead of the wedding of their children. Kenny (Sandler) is the father of the bride, and even though he’s not as wealthy as Kirby (Rock), father of the groom, he insists on paying for the entire wedding. Will their children’s relationship survive the week of the wedding? And will their fathers emerge unscathed?

9. The Office, S6, episode 4 (Amazon Prime)

This is the episode where Pam and Jim get married - finally! If you’ve been bingeing the entire boxset of The Office US on Amazon Prime, and have been rooting for TV’s sweetest, most adorable couple, you’ll be relieved to know that they do eventually tie the knot. But the day is not without hiccups, of course, since they made the mistake of inviting their clueless colleagues to join them on the day. It’s all going fine, despite Michael’s horrendous toast at the rehearsal dinner, until Jim decides to toast his future wife...

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