The ABC of My Kitchen Rules SA

2017-08-02 14:21

Cape Town – Step aside My Kitchen Rules Australia there's a new show in town. 

My Kitchen Rules SA puts a local spin on the popular cooking game show. 

The 18-episode run will kick off on Sunday, 13 August at 18:00.

Contestants from all across the country will be taking part in an epic culinary showdown. 

How the show works

The show comprises of ten teams of two.

In the first round of the competition, The Instant Restaurant, the ten teams are divided into two groups. Each group will see the couples host a dinner party for the judges and the other contestants. 

They will cook a three course meal and be scored by the judges and other contestants. The team with the lowest score will go home. 

Only eight teams will progress to the second round of the competition where they will compete in various challenges.

In the end two teams will have a final showdown to be crowned the first MKRSA winners. 

Mi Casa frontman J'something and Marble restaurant owner Chef David Higgs will be critiquing every dish served.

For Chef David this competition is about team work.

"When one team member is down, it's up to the other one to pick up the pieces and vice versa – that is essentially what a kitchen is all about. And obviously these contestants need to be able to put good plates of food together - consistently. It's going to be fun to watch."

J'something adds that he is looking for people who are passionate about food and people that can simply put love on a plate.

Meet the first five teams

Mr & Mrs Bruce and Claudia from Midrand

The couple who have been married for 13 years say they entered the competition because it is the first thing they can compete in together. 

For them strategy is key. Their game plan is to try and get a score that puts them safely in the middle.

"We will carefully assess each team so that when we get to the second round we'll know everyone's strength and weakness. And from there eliminate them slowly."

Besties Kelly and Claire from Kyalami

The pair have been friends for over 10 years and live 4km from each other. Kelly has a vast knowledge of flavours gained through her extensive travels. Claire on the other hand is a pro at desserts.

"The dishes we will be showcasing are a great combination of the both of us."

Mother and daughter Lani and Louzel Lombard from Cradock

After seeing the advertisement for the show on television Louzel called her mom to ask her to enter with her. Little did she know that the evening before, her dad had encouraged her mom to enter. 

Armed with their family recipe book the pair will cook dishes that stay true to their heritage. 

Rein and Rowan from Krugersdorp

These water polo buddies describe themselves as two food dudes from Krugersdorp who can bring something else to the table. 

When their strengths are combined they make a formidable team

"Rein's strength is that he has an exceptional knowledge of food and skill", says Rowan. Rein adds:"While Rowan is good at keeping us focused and on track with time."

Liz and Leanne from Bloemfontein

Clad in matching outfits at the press launch the pair say it's all strategy. For these Bloem besties cooking food is about telling a story. The pair will be the first to cook for the judges and the contestants.

"It's both daunting and a privilege. We get to set to the bar."

(Photos supplied/M-Net)

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