The Bachelor SA's America Gopie on who took her journal and her cyberbullying hell!

2019-03-28 05:00
America Gopie on The Bachelor SA.

Cape Town - For the past few episodes, The Bachelor SA mansion was abuzz with rumours of a stolen journal, tattle tales, nasty mind games and dirty tricks.

In episode 6, Lee decided to get down to the bottom of the drama by taking the central figures, America and Kelly-Tiegan, on the first two-on-one date of the season. 

The romantic setting of the date – a yacht cruise on the Vaal River – turned sour as a bitter confrontation between the two contestants ensued. 

Kelly-Tiegan Webb, Lee Thompson and America Gopie

Disappointed at how the date turned out, Lee didn’t give either of them a rose.

America hasn't had an easy time in and outside the mansion since she started her journey on The Bachelor SA

Not only did the 25-year-old endure constant scrutiny by her fellow contestants she also faced cyberbullying. 

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We chat to America about her missing journal, her experience on the show and find out how she has been dealing with the social media bullying. 

Who do you think took your journal?

At this point, I presume Kelly was one of the girls that indulged in the journal. From the two-on-one date, Kelly had revealed certain information from the journal and this alluded to my suspicion that she was part of the women who had stolen my journal in a highly unlawful and illegal manner. 

What were your expectations going onto the show versus how things turned out?

It was the most nerve-racking but exhilarating experience ever. I went onto the show feeling empty and wanted love to fill that void. However, post my journal being stolen, I had never felt more out of my element and out of my body. I guess people underestimate the feeling that consumes your heart and mind, when something personal containing your most intimate thoughts is pilfered. I felt as though my right to privacy had been infringed and to be honest, I am really grateful for having not received a rose. 

America Gopie and Lee Thompson on The Bachelor SA.

What you told the ladies in the house was very different from what you told Lee. What is the real story?

The entire façade of me stipulating to the ladies that I no longer wanted to be in the house emanated from the fact that my journal was stolen, and I was now surrounded by women who revelled in my personal information. Consequently, I could not trust anyone in the house and felt no obligation to be honest to a bunch of women who engaged in theft and felt like they owed Lee an explanation for my past. Lee knew my truth, and that was the only thing that was important to me. What I have attained is that there is no substitute for honesty. However, one may be temporarily dishonest by force of circumstances. 

Looking back would you have handled the situation with Kelly differently on the date?

The date started out pretty casual. As Lee got into questioning our intentions of being on the show, Kelly decided to answer on my behalf. At first, I was amused, then taken aback. My heart swelled with disappointment. I kept thinking: "Is Kelly really divulging the information that she obtained from my journal?" I think in this moment of weakness, fear and self-doubt, I started to falter. It was so exhausting and right there and then, I just wanted to quit. So yes, if I could have changed the way I handled the date, I would have. 

Kelly-Tiegan Webb and America Gopie on The Bachelo

There has been a lot of social media bullying. How has it affected and how have you been handling it?

There is a saying that goes a little something like this: "The true measure of courage is not whether you reach your goal – It’s whether you decide to get back on your feet no matter how many times you’ve failed." 

Social media bullying has not been easy to deal with. It’s heart-wrenching and rips you of your identity. I cried for hours after reading the negative comments on Twitter and Instagram, I literally refused to get out of bed the day after I started reading all these comments directed toward my appearance. I felt hopeless as if I wanted to give up on every dream I ever had. I felt rejected. This made me realise that even though I seemed brave on the outside, I was struggling internally. It felt as though the world was rising up to tell me who I could not become and what I could not do. I started to languish in regret for having done the show. 

However, with all the love and support that has been presented to me, I have learnt that I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself. I know it’s not easy, but I also know that having the courage to stand up for yourself, to vote for yourself, speak up and step out will give you life’s richest reward and that is believing in myself, flaws and all. 

With this hope, I do believe that I am a single choice away from inspiring another individual who has been subjected to bullying. 

Are you still looking for love?

Current relationship status: Committed to inner peace, growth and self-love.


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