The Idols race is turning out to be as unpredictable as the local elections

2016-10-24 12:33

Cape Town – When Idols host Proverb said the voting results would be a shocker at the beginning of the show, he wasn't lying. With almost 7 million votes cast this season is turning out to be a voting record. 

Nobody foresaw Keegan leaving this soon, even me, and I have been quite hard on him the past few weeks.

While his showstopper performance wasn't up to par he was still one of the best singers left in the competition.

I think Keegan fell victim to peaking too soon in the game. He started out as a firm favourite but he failed to maintain that position because he just didn't improve and he ended up being a one trick pony. The falsetto and dance moves can only get you that far. This is a long competition and you have to be able to sustain yourself. 

Right, with that out of the way let me get on to the performances. 

From this week on each contestant has to perform two songs, for some it’s a good thing for others not so good...

Top 6 rating


Fresh off one of his best performances last week, Tebogo came out confident and all smiles. The judges gave him high praise for his rendition of All For One's, These Arms with Unathi saying he tried to embody all of the members of the group. And herein lies my problem with Tebogo, he doesn’t seem to have his own voice. He basically changes his voice to emulate whichever artist's song he is singing. I found his performance to be pitchy and nasal. The only thing exciting about him last night were his tight pants. 
Rating: 2/5


Lucia's fans are doing the most to keep her in the competition. Her singing wasn’t bad, but it just lacked that thing. I felt it to be bland and boring. She had such soulful songs but didn't do it any justice.
Rating: 2/5


Let me gird my loins because I know everybody is going to come for me after this. I feel that Thami is really overrated. He swallows his words, he doesn’t complete phrases and sentences, he does too many vocal acrobatics and he over sings. Over singing does not equal an emotional performance. And for these two songs you needed an emotional connection, these songs were just too big for him. Can the judges also stop selling him dreams, he will not be Luther Vandross when he is 40.
Rating: 2/5


Bevin has more lives than a cat! The fact that he manages to make it week after week despite delivering weak performances astounds me. Once again he massacred a 90s classic, his tally is 3 now if you haven't been counting. I sound like a parrot harping about the same issues every week. His performances were off key, flat and just generally weak. But I am sure Bevin will make the top 5 to torture us, again. In the meantime, Bevin can you pick out some lotto numbers for me, I need some of your luck.
Rating: 1/5


I felt for Terra this week, I think waiting to hear his fate really got to him and his first performance proved that. He was off his game and he beat himself up for that. But he did make a comeback in the second round and Sia's Alive was the perfect song for him. This wasn't one of his strongest weeks but he still managed to give good performances. 
Rating: 2/5


Being in the bottom two gave Noma a wake-up call. She came out guns blazing and ready to fight making her my top performer of the evening. She slayed Karabo's song and dare I say she sang it better than the original?! She gave all of herself (see what I did there) for her second performance. It was filled with raw emotion and honesty and it had some flaws and that's what made it beautiful. I felt like she was saying, this is me South Africa. Well done Noma!
Rating: 3/5 

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