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The Jacksons tell all about being reality stars

2016-04-15 06:00

Cape Town – The Jacksons: Next Generation on Lifetime (DStv 131) gives an inside look into the lives of members of the iconic family.

Tito's sons: Taryll, Taj and TJ better known as the music group 3T have allowed cameras into their daily lives to reveal what it’s like for them living with the last name Jackson including how they deal with constant rumours, stalkers, and frauds who all want a piece of anything and anyone related to the family’s legacy.

We had a quick chat with the brothers about their reality show.

You're very private people - was it a difficult decision to participate in the show?

Taj: For me yes, especially knowing how things can be edited and manipulated. But we really felt strongly in wanting the world to know our family and want is important to us.

What is the most challenging part of having cameras follow you around all day?

Taj: The long hours. It was a lot of filming. Because we filmed so much, we barely had time to work on our music careers.

Do the cameramen become part of the family after a while?

TJ: For sure. You spend so much time with them that there really is no choice. Luckily for us, the whole production team was awesome very comforting and professional.

Taryll: We were lucky to have an incredible crew. It's not easy to open up, share and let your wall down. There were many times I forgot the cameras were even there.

What if you have a day that you're not feeling up for the cameras, do you get to ask for privacy?

Taj: We could ask, but we knew going in that we wanted the audience to have an honest look at our lives. The audience will be really surprise at how much they will see of our family’s life.

What reality shows do you watch?

TJ: I like Reverend Run and his message a lot. So I would say Run’s House is one I love to watch.

Taryll: I don't watch a lot of reality television. To me many shows are staged and lack substance. That's why when my brothers and I decided to do this series, we made it a rule to be real, open and honest. That's what we felt the audience deserved and would connect with. We knew certain areas wouldn't be pretty, but we also knew if we kept it real, it could reach a viewer and possibly help someone in a similar situation.

Was the confrontation with the woman who claimed she was your sister difficult to do in front of the cameras?

Taj: It was more awkward than difficult, because I truly believe that she still thinks and will always think she is our sister.

What has it been like to be thrust back into the spotlight after all these years?

Taj: Being in the spotlight feels natural to me. We grew up watching our family in it. Being out of the spotlight feels stranger.

What do you hope the audience will get out of the series?

Taryll: I hope people will get a better understanding of our family and a glimpse of the things we go through. Yes we are a family in the public eye, yes we are an entertainment family. But most importantly we are a family. That's what this series is about.... when it comes down to it, we are a family that cries, laughs, argues and loves just like the rest. 

Watch the teaser here:

Catch the docu-series on Lifetime (DStv 131) Mondays at 22:25. 

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