The top shows and movies to watch on TV this week

2017-04-30 12:02

Johannesburg - From Hollywood blockbusters to local is lekker - The City Press team selects the top shows to watch on the box this week. 


Mrs Mandela - BET (DStv channel 129), 16:15

Winnie Mandela (Sophie Okonedo) fights against the apartheid regime as her husband, Nelson Mandela (David Harewood), languishes on Robben Island.

Underworld - TCM (DStv channel 137), 18:00

Kate Beckinsale kicking ass all up and down this movie. And while looking hella fly. If I was a werewolf I wouldn’t run away from her, I would be cool with getting caught ... tied up...

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - M-Net Movies Action+ (DStv channel 106), 17:42

The force is strong with me, because I’ve seen this movie. Is the force with you? Get a dose or be caught out by the Sith.

Ode to Mandela - BET (DStv channel 129), 20:00

A unique creative collaboration between a group of South African musicians working with composer Jonathan de Vries to create a sequence of songs, each expressing a different phase in the life of Nelson Mandela.

Sir Patrick Stewart: A Knight Of Comedy - Comedy Central (DStv channel 122), 21:20

Patrick Stewart – gentleman, knight and all-round funny man – has some comedy in store for you to catch a giggle or two. Join this dapper player for a memorable evening, in your own home.


Cape Town Carnival 2017 - M-Net (DStv channel 101), 18:00

Coverage of this year’s Cape Town Carnival. The theme this year was AMAZA! Ocean Odyssey, and the celebration was a magical journey about the big blue sea and all the creatures that call it home.

Power - Vuzu Amp (DStv channel 103), 21:30 *NEW SEASON*

Season 3 kicks off with Ghost out of the drug game, and Angela having to decide between love and honour. Will she be able to make the right choices?

Lokshin Bioskop: After Tears - Mzansi Bioskop (DStv channel 164), 15:30

A pastor does his best to leave the past behind him. He believes everything is going well until his past pulls him back.


90 Days To Wed - TLC (DStv channel 135), 15:25

Watch this show reach its peak in this hourlong special. The 90 days are nearing an end; what will happen to the couples?

Lawless Island - National Geographic (DStv channel 181), 12.35

Imagine turning your back on civilisation and immersing yourself in the wild. On a remote island in cold southeast Alaska, a group of special people have done just that. They battle the conditions in an attempt to live off this unforgiving land.


Lira: DreamChaser: Born Free - Fox Life (DStv channel 126), 20:10 *NEW SEASON*

Journey with Lira as she develops her album, Rise Again, and take a look at the production, songwriting process and touring that comes with being one of Africa’s biggest stars.

Little Women: Dallas - Lifetime (DStv channel 131), 20:00

A spin-off of the Little Women franchise. Follow the lives of a whole new group of young, vibrant little women living in Dallas.


WWE Raw - (DStv channel 194), 13:30

If you missed the action, catch this repeat. Let the bodies drop and opponents crumble. Pull through to suplex city and catch a thrill. Yeah, we know it’s fake – so what?

Contagion - (DStv channel 194), 20:30

In this one, the planet struggles with a devastating virus, with no cure in sight. This movie will shock you. You will want to wash your hands as soon as you’re done and you may not see bats in the same light again.

Casting School - Fox Life (DStv channel 126), 20:10

Casting plays an integral role in expanding a brand. Go behind the scenes to see what it takes to become a model in Ghana.


Real Husbands of Hollywood - BET (DStv channel 129), 16:30

Any show that spoofs reality television is one that demands your attention. Watch Kevin Hart as the crew poke fun at the idea by playing themselves in this hilarious mockumentary.

72 Hours - Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161), 22:00

In this comedy, a womanising chef has a heart attack and comes face to face with God. After getting a second chance at life, he tries to change his ways.

Around the World in 80 Days - eMovies Extra (OpenView HD channel 107), 12:00

Watch this classic novel come to life. It is a masterfully written story and the characters are endearing. Young and old will love this one, and it may even spark an adventure of your own.


Parole Diaries - CBS Reality (DStv channel 132), 21:10

Follows nine parole officers in Indianapolis in the US as they tackle their most difficult and heart-wrenching cases.

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