The Wedding Bashers: A quick chat with the celeb judges before tonight’s finale on M-Net!

2019-01-27 12:34
The Wedding Bashers

Johannesburg – The celebrities judging the various weddings on The Wedding Bashers are weighing in on the second season before the broadcast of the finale on Sunday at 18:00 on M-Net (DStv 101).

Although nothing has been confirmed yet the pay-TV broadcaster has hinted that besides a possible third season, it's definitely looking at doing more of the special "give-back" episodes.

Jason Greer, who will be the host of The Bachelor SA starting on 14 February on M-Net, is also the presenter of the second season finale of The Wedding Bashers produced by [SIC] Entertainment. 

The final was pre-recorded on Thursday evening with a live studio audience at Urban Brew Studios in Johannesburg.

In Sunday night’s finale the top 5 couples who got the highest scores from the bashers return, as well as the couple who received the most votes from viewers. 

This year’s prize includes cash, jewellery, and a sponsored fantasy island honeymoon to the Seychelles.

The second season of The Wedding Bashers, a hugely popular original concept production, was changed to feature one wedding per episode. 

There was also an amended to the leaderboard to show the scores from the experts with Bernelee Daniell and Zola Nene who replaced Cindy Nell and Siba Mtongana.

"I enjoyed being part of people's love stories because I love going to weddings, and secondly to have done this with the three other bashers. They are like friends that have become family," fashionista and former Miss SA Bernelee Daniell told Channel24 before the recording on Wednesday night.

"When there were long periods between weddings, we would really miss each other. We would go: 'When's our next wedding?"

"I've learnt a lot about weddings – especially from the other bashers – like Zavion who taught us what an oasis, the wet floral foam, is and how you're not supposed to see an oasis, Denise with entertainment, Zola with food - I really, really learnt a lot about how a wedding should run smoothly. Heaven forbid I ever get married again, I'd know what to do," said Bernelee.

"From us travelling to weddings to the bantering that goes on in the car, to the bantering in hair and makeup, to the mischief that we get up to at weddings, I could never single out a favourite moment with any of them. I had the best time."

Zavion Kotze, wedding planner, said: “We got along so well; love the two new bashers, they're like family".

About the second season following after the special give-back episodes in which the bashers organised and put together weddings for special, deserving South Africans, Zavion said: “It was weird not organising weddings anymore, and I really miss them; and as for the wedding we did go to they were just so much fun.

"It was an eclectic mix of couples this season and that's what I liked the most because it was a huge variety."

Was there something new the celebrity wedding maestro learnt about weddings and doing them? "I didn't see anything in the second season that I learnt new. I often find that people do what is currently on trend and I like to think that sometimes I think ahead of trend, but all the couples did amazingly and I'm super happy with what I saw, and I think the couples had fun. I hope none of them hates me."

"The road trips were the best," said Zavion when asked for his favourite moment between the celebrity bashers.

"The jokes that happened on the road and those hours and hours spent in car rides are the best stories that you just can't retell for obvious reasons. But just getting to know each other was the best part of everything."


Celebrity chef Zola Nene told Channel24 that "what I enjoyed the most about this season was being part of people's love stories and just to witness their love for each other. And working with my fellow bashers has been such a ride, I had so much fun".

"I keep saying to people the fact that I can call going to weddings and having fun a job is like a dream, really, so I've loved every minute."

"What I've learnt is that people don't seem to realise how important a part the food is at a wedding. They seem to trial and taste cakes and do all of that stuff, but they never actually taste-test the food. So, they're always surprised at their wedding when the food is bad which is so bizarre to me because it's an important part – it’s something that people remember."

Asked about the funniest part for her this season Zola Nene said "was watching Denise reacting to the bird – I cried laughing. I mean, I'm scared of a bird too but the way that she was scared of the bird was insane. We had so many fun moments and we do have many laughs."

About the season's changes, Kaye-Ann Williams, M-Net's head of local content, said that "when you do come up with these local original productions, you're constantly tweaking it from season to season and looking at what worked and what viewers' responses were".

"We also did a focus group as well throughout the country, so we got a lot of feedback on the first season of The Wedding Bashers. About a possible third season what we do is we look at the ratings, we look at our schedule, we look at our budget and then we'll make a decision about a season 3."

Kaye-Ann Williams said she was in love with The Wedding Bashers special episodes "probably because I got married as a poor student with R10 000, so you understand how difficult it is and how cash-strapped you are and how important the day is. So, what the focus of the special are is really giving a wedding to people who really need it."

"I think M-Net will definitely consider doing that again; it's such a feel-good thing to do but it's not without drama and conflict and entertainment."

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