There's a terrific new health and lifestyle talk show on TV

2016-09-04 14:00
Ask Dr. Nandi

Show: Ask Dr. Nandi

Date: Monday, 18:00

Channel: The Home Channel (DStv

More about the show:

There’s an American health and lifestyle talk show on The Home Channel that is refreshingly terrific.

Ask Dr. Nandi is free from the bogus prescriptions and fake quick-fix advice that has hugely damaged this genre.

As an American television doctor, the Indian Dr Partha Nandi comes across as upfront and honest, clear from the clutter of commercial healing programmes.

With high production values and his slogan of "Be your own health hero", Dr Nandi shares advice with his studio audience, tackling pertinent medical and lifestyle issues.

And this show doesn’t underestimate the audience. There are no micro topics or two-minute sound bites with experts – here guests are given time to delve deeply into topics that can make a practical and positive difference to their health and lives.

The erudite Nandi really listens, is earnestly informative, entertaining and empathic, and gives experts and interesting guests space to talk – as opposed to many hosts who are more interested in hearing their own voices, drowning out the guests, who get little to say.

Dr Nandi manages to expand the viewers’ knowledge of a subject without becoming too academic, and distills every episode’s “take-away” down to facts that are easy to remember for their own better health.

A recent episode saw him talking about violence in society and why it’s such a rapidly growing problem. He sat down with a victim of teen violence, who was shot after a gun was brought to a party. Ask yourself when last you saw something like that on television in a health and lifestyle talk show.

With pertinent topics that are as relevant to South African and African viewers as to people in America, the show is already being seen in 79 countries.

As many people know, it can be difficult to find a good doctor, one with whom you can be comfortable, who doesn’t just push prescriptions, but really listens, properly examines and who you feel you can trust. Dr Nandi is TV’s closest version of the old school doc who did house calls and had a wonderful bedside manner.

Ask Dr. Nandi is responsible medical TV – a doctor who is not doing television for the sake of being on it, but using it to sincerely help the viewer with proper health advice.

Just what the doctor ordered.

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