These are the hottest shows to watch on TV this week!

2017-02-12 06:01

Cape Town - What's good on the box this week? City Press gives you the scoop on what to watch on TV this week.

Sunday - 12 February 

Treasure Quest: Snake Island

Channel: Discovery (DStv 121)

Time 18:10

A group of adventurers go in search of hidden treasure. They solve problems while navigating some of the most dangerous areas in the world.

Kids Do the Craziest Things

Channel: Discovery Family  (DStv 136)

Time: 18:30

There are few things better than childhood. This show will provide you with a dose of nostalgia as it focuses on children from around the world as they do the most hilarious, silly and naughty things.

The One to One Show

Channel: eKasi+ (Openview HD channel 105)

Time: 18:30

This music chat show gives talented gospel artists from around the world a chance to showcase their talent and share the stories behind their music.

Man Fire Food

Channel: Food Network (DStv 175)

Time: 19:00

Explore the many ways braai gurus and chefs use fire to cook delicious meals. View an array of fire-cooking techniques from small campfires to customised home-made grills and smokers.

Shake the Dust

Channel: BET (DStv 129)

Time: 20:00

Shake the Dust, a feature documentary film from executive producer and rapper Nasir “Nas” Jones and journalist-turned-film maker Adam Sjöberg, chronicles the influence of hip-hop music and the acrobatic breakdancing culture that arose in tandem with it. Watch how it strikes a resonant chord in the slums, favelas and ghettos around the world.


Channel: Vuzu Amp (DStv 103)

Time: 22:00

This US show stars our very own Pearl Thusi. In this episode, a group of recruits arrive at the base for training. They are the cream of the crop, but one among them is not everything they seem to be.

Monday - 13 February 


Channel: Comedy Central (DStv 122)

Time: 21:00

What began as a DIY web series is now a show presented by comedy sensation and DIY sweetheart Suzelle. In this Valentine’s Day edition, she’ll teach you how to make a heart tart.

The Following

Channel: SABC3 (DStv 193)

Time: 23:00

This is a terrifying new thriller from the creators of The Vampire Diaries and Scream. A notorious serial killer escapes from death row, and the FBI has no choice but to call on former agent Ryan Hardy to consult on the case.

Tuesday - 14 February

The Perfect Man

Channel: Universal Channel (DStv 117)

Time: 18:20

This is the perfect Valentine’s Day watch. Hilary Duff is a teenager who is trying to stop her mother from making bad romantic choices by concocting a virtual suitor.

Wednesday - 15 February


Channel: MTV (DStv 130)

Time: 21:15

A spot of slapstick humour never hurt anyone. Join this group of chemically imbalanced stuntmen as they do what can only be described as some of the worlds least thought-out stunts.

Bob’s Burgers

Channel: Vuzu Amp (DStv 116)

Time: 22:30

This animated series focuses on an outrageous man and his even more outrageous family, and how they manage each other while keeping their failing burger business afloat.

Lies that Bind

Channel: SABC2 (DStv 192)

Time: 23:30

A close-knit family does their very best to deal with the loss of  their main breadwinner, as well as issues of polygamy and dramatic family feuds.

Thursday - 16 February

My Kitchen Rules

Channel: M-Net (DStv 101)

Time: 18:30

In this reality cooking series, celebrity chefs put two teams to the test in a race to see who can transform an ordinary home into an instant restaurant and, of course, there is a grand prize to be won.

The Soul Man

Channel: eKasi+ (Openview HD channel 105)

Time: 19:00

Check out Cedric the Entertainer in this sitcom as Boyce “The Voice” Ballentine, a former R&B sensation who leaves the life of glitz and glamour in Las Vegas to become a church minister in Missouri.

The Ranakas

Channel: Mzansi Magic (DStv 161)

Time: 20:00

Dineo Ranaka and her family give us a glimpse into their lives. This week, Mzingisi and Michelle’s relationship is tested again, and the Ranaka girls have a surprise for Michelle.

The Vampire Diaries

Channel: Vuzu Amp (DStv 103)

Time: 21:30

Stefan wants Christmas Eve with Caroline to be perfect, but things take a turn when Damon and Sybil crash their intimate dinner. Revel in good-looking people, romance and, of course, vampires – all for your viewing pleasure.

Friday - 17 February 

The Goldbergs

Channel: Vuzu Amp (DStv 116)

Time: 18:30

Catch the behind-the-scenes special of the real-life inspirations for the characters on The Goldbergs. The insightful cast interviews and hilarious outtakes will keep you smiling.

Saturday - 18 February

Fat Man and 13 Brides

Channel: SABC3 (DStv 193)

Time: 16:00

Join Bikramjit Ray as he searches for a wife. The main requirement for his potential partner is that she must be able to cook well. The plot thickens as he realises that he isn’t exactly the catch of the century.

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