This Bachelor SA contestant deliberately threw a spanner in the works and it probably got her evicted

2019-03-21 07:12
Kim Grey on The Bachelor SA.

Cape Town - In episode 5 of The Bachelor SA, Lee Thompson bid farewell to Kim Grey.

The 28-year-old seemed to have a connection with Lee after winning a challenge and getting some one-on-one time with the bachelor.

But in the game of love things can change right after the next date. 

Lee Thompson and Kim Grey on The Bachelor SA.

After feeling disrespected during the rose ceremony in episode 3 she wrote Lee a love letter revealing her feelings. Lee, in turn, penned down his thoughts in an unfinished letter.

We chatted to Kim about that letter, asked her if she kept the letter Lee wrote to her and find out who she thinks is the perfect match for the bachelor.

Did you at any moment think you that you were going home that night?

Oh yes, I had anticipated my eviction on the night I had read my journal entry out to Lee. I am a definitive-type of a decision maker. To speed up the process I wanted to put a catalyst to the test knowing very well it would leave me rose-less that night or Lee would rise to what I was seeking from a partner. I did suspect that I was going home the night I did, I knew that there was no spark between the two of us and was very happy to be set free sooner rather than later.

Do you think that the letter you wrote Lee in the previous episode hurt your chances with him?

My intention was to throw a spanner in the works. I wanted to get some speed behind the wheel. Rose ceremonies were difficult. I was not feeling it and didn't want to have to throw myself at a man. Which is not in my nature. I want a hunter out of my man and not for me to be the predator. I want someone strong of mind, someone who will rise up to challenge, and someone who will fight for love. As women, we often lay the road with small tests to make sure this is the kind of man we want to invest in.

Kim Grey and Lee Thompson on The Bachelor SA.

Looking back at how things played out what would you have done differently?

There was no way to play the game better than to rely on true chemistry. If I were planning to get media and press attention out of the show I would have played a very different game. This was a social dating experience that I was happy to embark on but I wasn't there to waste my time or Lee's time.

Did you keep the letter Lee wrote to you?

LOL! I did it's in the journal in which I wrote my daily thoughts, the process, my own predictions on who I thought were best suited for Lee and my daily goddess readings. I would love to go back in time and recall experiences like these in detail so I can tell my kids and partner one day.

There are fewer ladies in the house now and things are starting to get a bit nasty -- what do you think has brought about this shift amongst the ladies?

The nature of the show isn't new to anyone. We knew that there was a 1 in 24 chance that you would be given roses all the way to the end. Love is not a competition, you don't win people's hearts or affection. What was going on in the house was more about calling the ladies out on their character traits which weren't palatable to the group setting or to the nature of why we were all there. We came to find love and anyone who came to find something or had different intentions to the greater group were called out.

Lee Thompson and Kim Grey on The Bachelor SA.

Do you think Lee’s perfect match is in this mansion?

If I were Lee's matchmaker I would have to say that there are two ladies who could be a perfect match. If you observe the social cues of both Michelle Reddy and Lee you will notice how similar the two are, poised, conscious of their choice of words and their body language is similar. I think there would be a clash in similarity if the two ended up together, it would be like dating oneself.

Are you still looking for love?

Love will come looking for me when the universe decides its right, for now, I encourage DareDevils with chutzpah and a flair for adventure to send me a DM with adventure on the date card. One thing I would like to note to any potential suitor, please don't take me to dinner to be interviewed over a dinner table that’s paired up with food this is truly one of my worst imaginable dating scenarios. Make it active, outgoing, spontaneous and you might be surprised how quickly a true connection can form. I am keen to camp out in a tent on your rooftop then go to one of the finest restaurants in Cape Town.


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