This is Us: The Big Three recap

2017-06-10 11:32

Show: This is Us

Episode: Season 1, episode 2

What happened:

Now, if you still haven’t been introduced to the wonderful, dynamic and addictive This is Us, there’s still time for you catch up via the DStv Catch Up platforms.  The first and second episodes are currently available on DStv Catch Up on your PVR, DStv Explora, Catch Up Plus on Exploras connected to the internet, and Catch Up on DStv Now online.


Don’t read further if you have not watched episode 1 and 2.

Having raised the bar with its premiere, the second episode delves deeper into the Pearson family’s story.

A flashback to the Pearson home sees the kids Kevin, Kate and Randall, now at school-going age, preparing for breakfast. The most telling problem is Kate’s struggle with her weight; her past self seems rather unhappy about having to eat fruit for breakfast instead of sugar cereal.

In the present, Kate sweats away at the gym while enviously eyeing the petite woman around her. Despite the best efforts of her boyfriend Toby, Kate can’t get over this stumbling block and after getting drunk at a Hollywood party, she comes to realise that her weight will always be an issue and she will always work on trying to change it.

Back in the 80s, Jack puts off going home after work in favour of heading to a bar and nursing a bourbon. While still a sweet couple, Rebecca and Jack’s relationship seems to have taken a few knocks and it’s obvious that this has become a habit. Once Jack gets home Rebecca lets him have it about everything: the drinking, the coming home late and most importantly the fact that she’s been putting out 100% and she and the kids aren’t exactly getting the same from him. We know the talk works because Jack sleeps outside their bedroom door that night and Rebecca finds him remorseful and apologetic the next morning, with a promise that he’ll change.

Randall’s wife, Beth, is concerned about Randall’s biological father, William, whose visit to their home has turned into an indefinite stay. She’s worried about his past as an addict, his trips out during the day and the small amounts of money he borrows from Randall. It’s only after a frank conversation with him that both Beth and Randall discover his real motives: he goes back to his apartment every day to feed his cat and the money he borrows isn’t for drugs but for the bus trip. Big sighs of relief as the tension lifts.

Having quit his job as a leading cast member in a popular sitcom, Kevin is forced to face the consequences at a Hollywood party (with Kate of course). When it comes down to it though, Kev just can’t bring himself to go back to the show- he wants more creatively and knows it’s out there. Unfortunately he’s contractually obligated to do as they say. Feeling hopeless, he calls his brother Randall for advice and though they aren’t close, Kevin gets just what he needs to make him feel better when Randall repeats their childhood war cry: “Big Three!”

This is Us episode 3 is scheduled to air this Monday, 12 June at 19:30 on M-Net (DStv 101). In episode three, Kevin anxiously decides to move to New York and pursue a Broadway job all under the assumption that Kate will move with him. 

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