This new police show is Bulletproof and you can watch it on TV tonight

2019-02-04 14:51
Actor Clarke Peters in a scene from the series Bul

Cape Town - Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters star as a dynamic cop duo in Universal TV’s new blockbuster drama, Bulletproof, which airs Mondays at 20:00 on Universal TV (DStv 117).

The show unites big, emotional stories with blood pumping stunt sequences as it follows Aaron Bishop and Ronnie Pike, two cops who are best friends and bonded by the same moral code, despite their very different backgrounds.

Set in London, it’s a fun, authentic, action-packed ride around the city as Bishop and Pike tackle the bad guys in their own uncompromising style, all while maintaining their friendship, their relationships and taking on ghosts from the past.

Clarke Peters best known for his role as Detective Lester Freamon in The Wire plays Ronald Pike Snr, Ronnie's father.

Below a Q&A with Clarke Peters on his role in the series:

What was it that attracted you to Bulletproof?

Working on a British series with two fantastically talented young actors, Ashley and Noel. It’s them that made me really want to go for this.

Who is Pike Snr?

He works in law enforcement, and he has a son who has the potential to follow his path or take his own trajectory, so to speak.

What is his relationship with his son, Pike, like?

They both have a dilemma. Pike Snr is torn over how to do the right thing for his son, and Pike’s dilemma is, do I follow dad or do I follow my heart? And at this point in time, I think he’s following his heart. There are grey areas in both of their lives, from an occupational and familial perspective, that are in conflict in places.

What do you think Pike Snr would consider to be his greatest achievement?

Probably being chief at the NCA. That’s his greatest achievement. He does seem to be a man who’s ambitious. He does also seem to be a man who wants things to be morally correct.

Actor Clarke Peters in a scene from the series Bul

How is Bulletproof different to other police series?

It has Noel and Ashley in the lead roles, what else? Come on! Where else have you seen that? I put it down to those two young men, and Nick Love being right behind them. That’s what’s going to make this different.

What stood out for you when you read the scripts?

We’re in a world that still talks about black-on-black crimes – no one uses the phrase white-on-white crime – and so their relationship alone, the love, caring and pure respect between these two black men, is something you don’t often see on TV. There are enormously funny moments too. They could be doing anything but still enjoy each other’s company and respect. They could be football players and still have the same amusing relationship. They could be car mechanics and have the same patter. But they happen to be police officers who want to do the right thing.

Are there any memorable moments from filming that stand out to you?

Well I think probably the most memorable has nothing to do with me and everything to do with Ashley’s performance. The father-and-son dynamic between Pike and Pike Snr brings up a lot of anger but when something happens to either one of them, there’s an outpouring of love. And so Pike Snr is threatened and the young lion comes to the defence of his father and it was just wonderfully touching. It was Ashley’s scene, I was just part of it.

London plays a big part in the show. What’s your favourite thing about the city?

I love everything about London. I came here when I was about 20 years old, so for the past 45 years I’ve lived in London. What drew me here were the arts and theatre, which I could see were very much part of your culture. I hope you don’t lose that. What’s kept me here are my family and friends. This is home, and there’s no place like it.

Finally, can you sum up Bulletproof in three words?

Three words? OK… Exciting, dangerous and hilarious.

Ashley Walters and Noel Clarke in a scene in Bulle

Catch Bulletproof Mondays at 20:00 on Universal TV (DStv 117).

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