Trevor Noah compares Trump to Zuma in new interview

2016-08-27 09:51

Cape Town - eNCA’s Jeremy Maggs bagged and exclusive interview with South African comedian, Trevor Noah in which he compares Donald Trump to Jacob Zuma.

Noah has been the host of the highly popular American late night show, The Daily Show for almost a year now.

Maggs flew to New York City for a rather serious interview with the local star in which he talked about the pressures of his high profile job, success and his views on American politics.

The pressures of hosting such a big TV show

It’s not been smooth sailing for Noah who had a bit of bumpy start that saw The Daily Show’s ratings plummet, but as TV critics have pointed out – it looks like the 32-year-old has finally found his footing.

In July AP reported that Noah’s comedy has grown sharper, he's becoming more comfortable with his adopted country and he's finding an audience of his own, even if smaller than his predecessor's.

During Noah’s interview with eNCA he touches on the pressures of his new job and how the success of the show is based on his performance every day and that after one good night on air he quickly realised that it would only last until the next episode.

AP pointed out that Comedy Central says measuring Noah's show strictly on how many people watch each night is outdated, and claims that Noah has increased the show's visibility online, among coveted younger male viewers and internationally. The network said the show reaches 7.9 million people each week through multiple platforms, although it didn't have a similar figure for Stewart's last year.

Donald Trump, Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema

Apart from talking about Noah’s career, Maggs also asked The Daily Show host out about his views on Donald Trump.

Noah says his job is to break down American politics to a level where everyone can understand it and he was quick to draw a comparison between controversial Trump and SA’s Jacob Zuma.

“I don’t believe America will vote that way. If it were to happen I don’t think America will be able to recover from it. I don’t even think Republicans are being honest with themselves in terms of them thinking that they can control this person,” Noah said on the possibility of Trump becoming the next American president.

Comparing Trump’s possible presidency to South African politics, Noah sad:  “We come from a world where we see politicians who are uncontrollable. You put them in the right position and you realise that controlling them isn’t something that is manageable.

“There are people who thought they could control Julius Malema and people who thought they could control Jacob Zuma. But you come to realise that when you put the wrong man in the right place he can do the utmost damage.”

Watch the full interview here.

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