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TV REVIEW: The show, Dijo Le Bophelo, encourages people to lead a healthy lifestyle

2018-05-16 12:54

FOOD plays a major role in our lives as it contributes to the state of our well-being. Be that as it may, with the fast-paced lives we’re leading and depending on a quick fix, we’ve come to make bad food choices, leading to disease and even death. The SABC2 show, Dijo Le Bophelo, is shining a spotlight on our relationship with food and how we can change it.


Presented by Khabonina Qubeka, Dijo Le Bophelo, raises awareness about food and related health and lifestyle issues, with the aim of encouraging viewers to examine their relationship with food to make informed choices. The show is about issues viewers encounter with regards to their food habits, health problems and lifestyle issues. Each week, a viewer posts a video on the show's social media platforms of their food related issues, seeking solutions to their behaviour when it comes to food or health issues.


Before Khabonina assists the viewers in any way, the show visits them to learn more about their relationship with food and lifestyle choices.  The viewes is then required to divulge more information about their predicament, giving more insight to the guest expert, who accompanies Khabonina. The food expert then dissects and explains in detail the issue at hand.


Issues that are discussed on the show range from why someone is not gaining weight to how one can lose it and anything in-between such as ways to detox. If the viewer, for instance, said they like certain foods and drinks, but can’t seem to lose belly fat, the expert will explain each of the food items and benefits or lack thereof of that food or drink and its effects on the body or brain and subsequently the viewer's lifestyle behaviour. After that, the expert gives alternative healthier foods or drinks and how they will help combat the predicament the viewer finds themselves in.


 During ad breaks, there are tips on how to store, cut or cook certain foods. The interaction with the expert is then posted online for viewers to watch and learn. After this, the subject shares what they’ve learnt and what they will change. A study conducted by the University of Washington in the United States last year revealed that South African women have the highest rate of obesity in the Sub-Saharan Africa region at 42 per cent. According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa, up to 80 per cent of heart diseases and strokes can be prevented by simply living a healthy lifestyle, which includes healthy eating.

Catch Dijo le Bophelo on SABC2 every Saturday morning at 5:30am.

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