WATCH: Anti-bullying ad shows people standing up to trolls

2017-10-23 10:13

Cape Town – A powerful and emotional new anti-bullying ad is racking up YouTube views showing ordinary, people who intervene when they hear the abusive talk in real-life that people spew online on social media.

In a surprising twist, both the “bullies” as well as those they torment in public are secretly actors, with the bullies using words and real sentences that’s been used online and on social media to belittle, dehumanise, threaten, and hurt other people. 

Everyone around them however, are unaware of the hidden camera setup. 

It’s revealing who and how members of the public out of their own, choose to stand up and protect those around them who are being attacked in unbelievably cruel ways and vile language – something that has become very common-placed on the internet and on social media where people, known as trolls, bully and harass without having to face the consequences.

Watch it here:

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