Watch the award-winning doccie about Congo's conflicted minerals

2016-10-02 12:00

Johannesburg - Did a law lobbied for by Western consumers bring peace to miners in eastern Congo or did it instead cause problems? Despite being home to about R325 trillion worth of untapped mineral reserves, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) remains one of the least developed countries in the world.

The award-winning Conflicted: The Fight over Congo’s Minerals investigates the impact of a 2010 international act that requires publicly traded companies to track whether their products contain “conflict minerals” from the DRC. The law caused the mineral trade in eastern Congo to come to a standstill, as buyers took their business elsewhere. Documentary series Fault Lines asks why advocacy groups that campaigned for the act claim it has been a success, and if some of the biggest brands in the tech industry should be claiming to be sourcing “conflict-free” and taking credit for reducing violence in the DRC.

Available for free on YouTube and Al Jazeera (Dstv 406).

Watch it here:

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