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2016-10-30 15:00

Cape Town - What's good on the box this week? City Press' Grethe Kemp gives you the scoop on what to watch on TV this week.

Sunday - 30 October

www.Ex Frontiers

Channel: SABC3 (DStv 193)

Time: 9:30

Fashion and beauty is a multimillion-dollar industry and technology is turning it upside down. In today’s episode, make-up seller and start-up Glamore Cosmetics is interviewed, and is then joined in studio by Marinella and Amy from Fedisa fashion school, who tell viewers about how technology has changed fashion.

Schwarzkopf Professional Mrs South Africa 2016

Channel: (DStv 194)

Time: 10:00

Reigning Mrs South Africa Candice Abrahams will crown her successor to represent the country at Mrs World 2017.


Channel: SABC3 (DStv 193)

Time: 10:00

It’s Nicole ’n Melena vs Les Petite Chefs in a cook-off that must include coconut. Guest judge radio and TV personality Carl Wastie joins Melo and Aphiwe to judge the best dish.

The Cheetah Diaries

Channel: SABC3 (DStv 193)

Time: 17:30

Follows the work of South Africa’s Cheetah Outreach as they strive to raise awareness of the plight of the cheetah and campaign for its survival.

Inside Jaguar: Building the Car Money Can’t Buy

Channel: BBC Brit (DStv 120)

Time: 19:00

Classic car fanatic Mark Evans goes in search of one of the world’s most exclusive cars: the Jaguar Lightweight E-Type. This is a car that no amount of money can
buy – you have to be invited to purchase it.

Monday - 31 October

The Secret Life of Twins

Channel: BBC Earth (DStv 184)

Time: 15:35

Find out why twins aren’t as rare as people believe and take a look at the contentious battle between nature over nurture.

Inside Fashion Week

Fashion One

Channel: (DStv 178)

Time: 20:00

This fascinating show takes audiences on a journey through the hectic and exciting world of the fashion weeks in the style capitals of the world. Viewers will have an inside look at all the people working at and attending each glamorous event.

The Truth About Healthy Eating

Channel: BBC Earth (DStv 184)

Time: 20:30

Using the latest scientific knowledge, this show debunks the health fallacies that dictate our choices. Learn how multivitamin tablets have no effect whatsoever, and why our bodies’ natural processes make detox products a complete wash-out.

Tuesday - 1 November


Channel: SABC2 (DStv 192)

Time: 20:00

This star-studded local drama tells the story of several people who have financial troubles, and how they attempt to overcome them, but all the while they become more deeply involved in crime and betrayal.

Playhouse Masters (new show)

Channel: Discovery Family (DStv 136)

Time: 20:10

Tyson and Audy get an order for a pony princess playhouse for NBA MVP Stephen Curry’s family, featuring a ball pit, a custom doghouse and a two-storey tower with a slide.

Biting About

Channel: SABC3 (DStv 193)

Time: 20:30

In this episode of the local travel cooking show, Janez and Amanda go to Braamfontein, where they check out some new places and get the lowdown on what makes Braam such a cool urban

Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour (new show)

Channel: History (DStv 186)

Time: 20:30

Heavy metal god and the Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne hits the road with his son, Jack. A schooled and self-professed history nerd, Jack has put together a number of locations and landmarks that he knows will impress his dad.

Keeping Score

Channel: SABC2 (DStv 192)

Time: 21:30

This is a local drama in which you’ll witness deception, lust, rage and love that take you deep into the sullied heart of the sports industry, a world where dreams can come true in a heartbeat, only to be crushed.

Wednesday - 2 November

It’s For Life

Channel: SABC2 (DStv 192)

Time: 10:30

In this local reality show, three young adults are challenged over 39 weeks to define themselves in the diverse, opportunity-filled landscape of South Africa. Through a new appreciation of who they are, they are holistically empowered to manifest their personal potential.


Channel: SABC3 (DStv 193)

Time: 20:00

A reality series focused on a Detroit custom car shop.


Channel: SABC1 (DStv 191)

Time: 21:00

South African families reunite with lost or estranged family members.

Thursday - 3 November


Channel: Fox (DStv 125)

Time: 21:00

Lucious and Andre are on high alert as they wait for Shine to retaliate; Jamal teams up with Hakeem for a performance that he thinks could help him face his fears; Cookie is caught off guard during a routine meeting with her probation officer.

Friday - 4 November

On The Fly

Channel: SABC3 (DStv 193)

Time: 20:00

High-energy local travel show. In this episode, host Bridget Pike is introduced to fellow host Dene Botha’s world of surfing, in her home country of Mozambique.

Saturday - 5 November

The Great South African Bake Off

Channel: BBC Lifestyle (DStv 174)

Time: 21:05

Join a host of amateur bakers as they compete to be named South Africa’s best home baker, where thrills, spills and shortcrust await.

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