We asked Survivor SA’s Josie about being the underdog and the possibility of a reality TV romance

2018-06-22 12:41

Cape Town – After surviving tribal council numerous times Josie Eveleigh’s nine lives finally ran out when she became the seventh cast away to be voted off the island on Survivor SA: Philippines

The 28-year-old presenter and travel writer from Somerset West survived a rock draw, a tribe shuffle and a reprieve when PK flipped on Tevin last week

But her plotting wasn’t enough to break the blue blood (team Mindanao) bond between PK and Toni at their latest tribal outing.

We chatted to Josie about being the underdog, her strategy and asked if there’s a post Survivor romance brewing. 

Going into tribal council did you at any point think Toni might swing?

I had hopes. I tried to work as much fairy dust and magic behind the scenes as I could. In Survivor you always have that little bit of hope that you managed to plant seeds that stay with that person. I did have a feeling it was me going home but I also had some hope that she might flip. 

PK was very vocal about blue blood and quite angry that former members of Mindano haven’t thrown a challenge to keep the numbers strong. What are your thoughts on that?

For me that was great. I could see Toni looking at PK and thinkig, "dude you better be able to sort this out down the line cause that’s a potential problem."

My view on the situation was that Toni and Werner were really close and when they reunited PK was probably going to be the outsider or it would be two strong males up against each other. The more he was talking the more my hopes were rising. 

PK was digging a hole and Toni was trying to keep it together because they still need those people who are essentially their alliance. It was great for me to see there was a little bit of a riff and that there were some cracks there.

At the challenges PK was the weak link. Do you think Toni is a bit blinded by the blue blood spiel?

I am so glad you picked up on this. In Survivor the tricky thing is whoever ends on the puzzle is always the person who basically comes out the worst.

After the immunity challenge PK was the fall guy. He was really slow and lost us a lot of time and he was also being a bit lazy. For me it was very frustrating at that point. I liked PK as a player but I wanted Toni to make a big move with me.

He was not an option for me to go to because Toni and I had a better connection. If Toni had chosen me - combined with my alliance and connection with Vusi and Palesa we could have been four strong. Toni is sabotaging her own game. She just wasn’t thinking. 

How did your strategy change throughout the game as you kept losing members of your alliances?

I went into this game thinking I would be that person who flies under the radar. In real life being a presenter my job is to connect with people.

In the game my plan was to do the opposite. I was going to be quite, just listen and get as much intel. It was working well for me, I was overlooked and it was the best situation. 

And then the whole game flipped and I became the unluckiest lucky person in the world. The cat with nine lives. 

There was a positive side to it. I became the underdog. It was not the game I wanted to play but I fought harder than anyone else to survive. I became the joke at tribal council but I survived every time and I thought if I made it to the end it would make a great story. This is the type of story that Survivor is made of. So I switched my game plan. And I loved it. 

Tevin said last week before he left that he wanted to eliminate you because according to him you were a distraction. Seeing that how did it make you feel?

I like Tev. He is such a good guy and he is also the king of smooth. It was interesting to hear all of that stuff and that he saw that in me. He is a stereotypical flirt and I think in his life he would happily admit that he has used his looks and natural ability with the ladies to get a little bit further. It worked on Survivor as well. He has that likable personality and he sure knows how to work it. I think the love doctor is going to triumph out of Survivor

You and Tevin had a cuddle on the beach, and he alluded to a reunion meet up. Any chance of a post Survivor SA reunion romance?

We’ll have to wait and see on that one. It is going to be interesting to see everyone at the reunion. Tevin has said some stuff post show and it will be interesting to see if he is that brave when we see each other face to face. 

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