We chat to Bake Off top 3 before the grand finale

2016-12-08 17:01

Cape Town – In just a few days the winner of the second season of The Great South Africa Bake Off will be announced.

12 amateur bakers put the baking prowess to the test and after weeks of gruelling challenges only three remain.

After a nail biting semi- finale Nasreen Chamda, Carol Ndovela and Cait Williams are the last ones left baking.

The trio will bake off for the last time on Tuesday, 13 December at 20:00 on BBC Lifestyle (DStv 174).

We had a chat with the three finalists ahead of the final episode of the season. 

What's your strategy going into the finale? 

Nasreen: Going into the finale I want to be focused and calm. I have many technically difficult elements in my bakes so I will need to concentrate to ensure I execute each element perfectly. Most importantly, I want to have as much fun as I possibly can as it will be the last time I will be baking in the tent.

Carol: I want to continue being focused and make sure I plan ahead and not waste time.

Cait: To remain calm and focused, and to not let the fact that it is the final overwhelm me. This is what we have been working towards, so I can't lose my head now.

Nasreen and Carol both of you have won star baker before, do you feel this gives you an advantage?

Nasreen: I don't believe that winning star baker gives me an added advantage, as every challenge is different. I excelled at some challenges and performed poorly in others. I am however, very honoured to have received two star baker titles and I so am proud of this achievement.

Carol: Winning star baker is a very good and assuring thing to have under your belt, but I don't think it comes with much of an advantage, especially since you are being judged only according to that particular episode, you don't get to carry that "immunity" into the new week, so no, going into the finale I don't think I have an advantage.

Cait, what is your strength going into the finale?

I haven't won star baker, like Carol and Nasreen who have won it twice. It is quite intimidating! But I have made it this far and was close to star baker a few times, so I'm not going to let it become a disadvantage. My strength is my ability to remain calm. I have had many disasters in the tent, but staying calm has allowed me to resolve all of them, so I believe it is my key to success.

What would winning SA Bake Off mean to you?

Nasreen: I'd get to share my love of baking on a broader platform and that I'd get to take my baking skills to new heights. It will allow me to do something that I am truly passionate about and it would also allow me to continue to share my love of baking and art, perhaps through my very own television baking show. As a woman I hope to inspire and motivate young women to have the courage and the confidence to achieve their dreams.

Carol: It would mean I can finally get my dream of opening my own bakery. As much as the title does not come with any financial backing, it does come with a lot of credibility. You can now approach "important" people to help whatever project you might want to start.

Cait: Winning would mean everything to me. I have put everything into this, and being a pastry chef is my dream career, so to win and have the fact that I can indeed do this (bake) very well validated would be priceless. Winning would allow me to springboard into my career.

Tune in for the grand finale on Tuesday, 13 December at 20:00 on BBC Lifestyle (DStv 174).

(Photos: BBC LIfestyle)

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