We chat to Hollywood star Morris Chestnut about his hot new show!

2016-02-29 14:00

Cape Town – Actor Morris Chestnut needs no introduction with 49 film and television credits to his name.

Recently Chestnut landed his first leading role in a television series.

In Rosewood, currently screening on Universal Channel (DStv 117), he plays the charming Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr, a Miami pathologist, who performs ‘for hire’ autopsies to uncover clues that others miss.

"From the moment I read the character I really wanted to play him," said Chestnut during a telephone interview.

"I really wanted the opportunity to play an optimistic and witty character. I just liked his outlook on life."

Playing Rosewood is not without its challenges though. The first thing he had to get used to was the long hours.

"When you shot a movie it takes roughly 6-10 weeks. Right now we're shooting 8-10 episodes 45 minutes long. It's been a tough schedule to adjust to," he explains.

And what about all the medical jargon?

"I have played a doctor before,  but I am still getting used to all the medical jargon and understanding it, I am constantly learning new things," says Chestnut. 

Playing a television doctor does have its benefits; personally it has helped Chestnut to understand things better when he visits the doctor.

"It has definitely given me a better perspective of the medical field," says Chestnut. 

Speaking about doctors' visits, his character has a few health issues, but Chestnut himself is in great shape. 

When asked how he has remained so ageless, Chestnut laughs and credits his parents.

"I have to thank my parents for passing along their good genes. I try to live healthy, I exercise and I don't drink alcohol," says Chestnut. 

With so many other series to compete with what makes Rosewood different?

"The character, Rosewood encourages people to live in the moment. It has a great cast and it is a combination of comedy and drama. Hopefully viewers love it and the series gets renewed for more seasons," says Chestnut. 

Rosewood airs every Monday at 20:50 on Universal Channel (DStv 117).

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