We chat to Lorenzo James Henrie of Fear The Walking Dead

2016-04-13 07:00

WARNING: This article may contain spoilers for episode 1 of Fear The Walking Dead season 2

Cape Town – ICYMI season two of Fear The Walking Dead has hit our TV screens and it’s bigger, better and scarier.

Channel24 caught up with Lorenzo James Henrie to get the inside deets about his character and what to expect in the new season.

We end season one with the death of your character’s mother, Liza. What impact do you think this will have on Chris (Lorenzo)?

It will definitely impact Chris going into season two because during season one he really mended a lot of wounds that were prevalent with his father but now going into season two after having lost him mom – whose life his dad took – creates a new wound and starts Chris off on a dark  and tragic path.

He’s going to have to discover himself in this new world and figure out how to love his father again.

Speaking of the death of Liza, that final “I love you” scene leading up to her death has been called one of the most emotionally distraught scenes of season one. How was it to film that?

It was one of the most emotional, tragic, sad days of my life. The script was actually written to be a longer scene and when we did it, it was like an actors best day possible. I prepared so that I could cry on the spot. When the director said action, I just balled and cried. We did it in one take.

What drew you to, and excites you about this role?

Father/son stories are my favourite stories so that really drew me to Chris. I love writing and those are my favourite stories to write. It’s very universal. I think everyone can relate to it at home. It’s hard not to gravitate towards the love and the bond between a father and a son and it’s so much fun working with Cliff too.

When we meet Abigail and realise it’s a boat, it sets the scene for season two. How much filming actually takes place at sea?

When we found out about Abigail it was a surprise for all of us but also sets up such a cool dynamic to season two.

We shot about 50% on the Abigail and its interesting, it’s fun, it spices things up.

Zombies and the undead have gained major momentum over the last decade. What is it about this genre that keeps it fresh (so to speak) and alive?

I think the reason why it stays so fresh is because there’s a lot of things similar that are going on in the world that really gravitate you towards a story that isn’t real. But people who are going through pain or suffering, people can live through this story. And that’s what story telling is, it’s having people forget about  the things of the world and live in this fantasy.

Season one of FTWD was about Discovery. Where The Walking Dead is about surviving, FTWD appears to be about understanding/accepting and running. Are the characters coming to terms with the zombie apocalypse?

With the first season we had to set up the foundations and now in season two, it’s just bigger, faster, stronger. It allows for all the things we did in season one to really come to the surface and for stories to be explored and viewers are going to learn a lot more.

In a sentence, why should South African fans watch Fear The Walking Dead?

South African fans should watch FTWD because it could inspire them to create and write their own stories.

(Photos: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC)

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