We chat to Power Couple SA runners-up

2015-12-11 15:50

Cape Town – Runners-up Dyllan Smith and Viki van den Barselaar-Smith from Salt Rock in KZN lost all the cash they had banked during Power Couple SA but they don’t go home empty handed.

Along with a cheque for R100 000 the couple walk away with their relationship stronger than ever and lifelong friends.

We caught up with Dyl and Vix about their personal story, new friends and their best Power Couple SA moments.

You were very vocal about the changes you wanted in your relationship on the show. Do you feel as though you got what you wanted out of Power Couple SA?

Viki: We got so much out of it. We knew we weren’t walking away empty-handed, with or without the money, we won in so many ways and we are incredibly grateful. We opened ourselves up to the process, we didn’t foresee what was coming and after going through all of those experiences together we feel so rewarded.

Your story is very personal and emotional. Was it difficult to share it so publically and how did you handle it?

Viki: It was a terrifying decision to make to be perfectly honest, but we knew if we were going to gain anything from this experience we needed to be completely honest with ourselves about why we were there. We went in there with the intention to grow as a couple, it wasn’t for the public, and it wasn’t for anyone else but for ourselves.

Did you expect to receive such a positive reaction from the public about your story?

Viki: I think the positivity that has come out of this is so remarkable. You can’t really prepare yourself for how your life is going to change with reality TV, we weren’t prepared for anything that came out of it.

When people that we have absolutely no affiliation with, no relationships with came up to us and told us their stories we were completely blown away and inspired that we weren’t alone in this world, and we found that sharing our story made them feel less alone too and I think that was amazing.

What were your most memorable moments from the show?

Viki: Well I’m never going to forget Dyllan in high heels. Even though we lost that challenge I have not laughed like that ever! It was hysterical! He tried so hard to fit into those diamanté shoes but they just didn’t fit. But we got something out of every challenge, win or lose.

Dyl: I loved the sky diving, it was the biggest rush!

Dyllan this one’s for you. Will your bromance with PJ continue?

Dyl: 100%! That guy is a mate for life! And everyone might think it’s fake but we have become such good mates, there is no ways we are going to let anything go. All four of us have become really good mates and I think it will be forever.

(Photos: supplied by Power Couple SA)

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