We chat to South Africa's first 'Power Couple'

2015-12-11 15:00

Cape Town – Emile and Razia Samson took the coveted title and the money on the reality show Power Couple SA.

After weeks of gruelling challenges, heightened emotions and surviving three eliminations the underdogs were voted SA’s ultimate power couple.

We chatted to the winners about the Power Couple experience, what they plan to do with their winnings and what’s next on the cards.

Did you expect the votes to swing your way, what do you think endeared you to the public?

Emile: We went into this believing that we could win. However, when we got to the finale I really thought that Dyl and Vix were going to win. I think the reason people voted for us is because were open and they were able to relate to who we are. There wasn’t any room to question if we were sincere or whether we were putting on a show for TV. We were consistently ourselves every day.

Razia: A big thank you to everyone who voted for us and our newfound fans.

Physically you weren’t strong in the challenges, what do you think is your greatest strength as a couple?

Razia: Our greatest strength is knowing each other for 16 years this year on the 17 December. Knowing each other and investing in each other in that way for each challenge.

Did you have a strategy going into the game?

Razia: Our strategy was to be ourselves and to enjoy every moment and take each day as it comes. Often the couples would discuss beforehand what they would invest for the challenge. Our strategy to investing was listen to the challenge, picture Emile doing the challenge and invest what you feel is right. We never discussed an amount to invest.

How have you been dealing with your newfound fame?

Razia: (Laughs) Oh gosh, we’re still dealing with it! We had a surreal moment on Monday. We were walking in Seapoint with a bodyguard, strange number 1! A car drove passed and we just heard some scream ‘Oh my God’. The driver actually made a u-turn came back, stopped next to us at the side of the road, and asked to take a picture with us! That was an interesting experience.

How have your girls been dealing with your fame?

Emile: We actually don’t have a TV. They haven’t seen the advertising at all, for them it’s been very contained it’s not all over their lives from morning to night. They just see at as this little show we were on.

How will you be spending the winnings?

Emile: We have some very urgent life expenses that we need to take care of. So that’s what we’ll be handling first.

Now that the show is over, what’s next?

Razia: We definitely want to take it a step further. Emile and I both love fashion, that’s what we are passionate about and the South Africa retail environment. So something in that line, maybe another TV show.

Any advice for couples who would like to enter Power Couple SA. And what’s your top relationship tip?

Emile: If you want to enter and manage to stay in the villa for a few weeks the first thing you need to focus on is being yourself and hope that South Africa embraces who you are.

Razia: The best relationship tip that I can give is communication. Always try to put yourself in your partners shoes and just empathise with them in the situation.

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