We chat to the first star baker of SA Bake Off season 2

2016-10-21 18:00

Cape Town – The first episode of The Great South African Bake Off was all about the cake.

The 12 amateur bakes entered the kitchen for the first time and while finding their feet they had to complete three intense challenges. 

After three rounds of baking, 57-year-old housewife and jewellery designer Penny Rider was crowned the first star baker of the season. 

Penny impressed the judges with her technical bake and her show stopping black forest gateau.

We had a quick chat with Penny about taking that all important first star baker award. 

1. How confident were you going into cake week?

I was very confident going into cake week, but I was careful not to be too cocky, things can always go wrong in the tent.

2. Your technical bake and your showstopper were winners on the first episode. How does it feel to be the first winner of the season? 

I was surprised to be the winner because I thought I had blown it by having to re-bake my showstopper sponge cakes.

3. Do you feel a certain amount of pressure now to maintain that standard that you’ve set?

Yes, I definitely feel the pressure, I feel I’ve raised the bar and now have to bake well or even better than before.

4. The judges mentioned that your experience is your advantage – do you think the rest of the bakers are intimidated by this?

My age (aka, experience) is definitely an advantage, however most of my baking knowledge has been gleaned from magazines and TV shows, rather than actual experience. If the other bakers feel intimidated, they certainly haven’t shown it, they have all been very supportive.

5. What was the most difficult part of the challenge?

I would say the technical bake was the most challenging. But I just tried to look at it like a puzzle, pieces are missing and you have to work out where they go.

6. What is your top cake baking tip? 

My top baking tip is to never take short cuts. I know I should have lined the baking tins, but thought I’d get away with it by not doing it, umm, obviously that didn’t work out.

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(Photos: BBC)

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