We had dinner with Idols SA's Thami and Noma

2016-11-25 14:38
Thami Shobede, Noma Khumalo

Cape Town - We were lucky enough to have dinner with Idols SA finalists - Thami and Noma - one week before their final performance.

We joined the final two contestants for a beautiful dinner at N-V 80 in Cape Town and chatted about their Idols SA journey and what to expect on Sunday.

Speaking to The Juice about his most memorable moments on the TV show, Thami said, "I've had so many of them. But the biggest one I can think of right now was getting to perform my single in front of so many people. And the way people responded to our singles. There were no negative comments from the people who watched the show and who voted for us."

For Noma it was the opportunity to shoot her very own music video, "Even though we had so much fun recording our singles, we needed a visual element to go with the track. And to be blessed with that opportunity was just amazing. I really enjoyed it."

Thami, Noma
Thami, Noma

But where there are highlights there are also low moments. And Thami and Noma both agreed that watching people leave was the hardest part of the competition. "There was a couple of eliminations that I wanted to jump in and go home in their place," said Thami. "It hurts," added Noma.

Luckily the contestants had the judges to help them along the way when things got tough. "When Unathi saw that I was broken and I was not okay, she told me not to allow outside things to effect my performance," explained Noma. "She could see that I was battling and she gave me the advice that I really needed at the time."

"Their advice built me and made me want to be the someone people look up to," Thami said, talking about the advice he received from the judges. 

Thami, Noma
Thami, Noma

When asked what her favourite performance on the show was, Noma said, "You raise me up. I feel like when I was at my lowest I needed reassurance from the country and they gave it to me. They lifted my spirit."

Thami's favourite performaces on the show was I Feel Good and Signed, Sealed, Delivered. "It allowed me to showcase my playful side."

Both Thami and Noma had a special message for their fans. Thami got a little choked up, saying, "I have a family that I want to provide for. And right now I am in position where I can support my family. Their votes have totally changed my life. I am a better performer, a better vocalist and I understand the industry now. And it was all because of the people who voted for me."

"No words can actually describe how we feel. The votes really means a lot to us. Knowing that the country has our backs is something that keeps us going. And if they have a dream, we urge them to go for it. We want them to achieve their dreams too." 

Thami, Noma

Thami, Noma

"This week has been an emotional rollercoaster," said Thami. I think we'll be more nervous on the day. What we should be feeling this week, will hit us in one go. This week has been so busy, we didn't have time to feel anything." 

And what can we expect on Sunday? "There will be artists that you would never ever think would be on the show," said Thami. And Noma exclaimed, "It's going to be lit! We have so many surprises."

Watch the Idols SA finale on Sunday at 17:00 on Mzansi Magic (DStv 161).

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