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We talk magic with The Librarians' Rebecca Romijn

2017-12-12 07:32
rebecca romijn

Cape Town – Do you believe in magic?

Well, Rebecca Romijn sure does and that’s because she’s been a guardian to the geniuses who have been finding and protecting magical artefacts for three and now a fourth season in The Librarians.

We had a quick chat with Rebecca over the phone to find out more about Colonel Eve Baird, what to expect in season four and more.

Like many interviews with international stars who have been to South Africa, Rebecca’s first response to our call was that she “absolutely adores South Africa” and after only having visited Cape Town – they don’t call it the Mother City for nothing.

On playing Eve Baird

Playing the same character in a show for up to four seasons has become somewhat of a luxury for some actors, a luxury that Rebecca is more than grateful for. The actress tells Channel24 that playing the character for so long has allowed her to discover little nuances in her character and explore them.

“It’s so nice to be four seasons into a show and get to find these nuances of these characters, I mean, so often you work on a television show that goes away after one season and there’s never a chance to find these little nuances but all of us have really been able to explore our characters and expand them and I love the way Eve has evolved over the seasons.”

Elaborating on Eve’s evolution throughout the season, Rebecca reveals that at first it was strictly business for Eve but after years of being part of the team, viewers have come to see the brawn of the series, show a softer and more emotional side - something Rebecca says she related to a lot more.

“Now that we’ve seen a softer side of Eve I sort of relied on my own mothering skills to relate to the character. In my off time I’m a mother of 8-year-old twin daughters and I have a much softer side, which is unlike Eve, and so I’ve, sort of, gotten to incorporate that softer side from just my own home life.”

On keeping viewers tuned in

With the fourth season set to hit screens on 14 December the obvious question is what makes The Librarians work? And according to Rebecca, the answer is that “there is just something magical about the show, no pun intended.”

Puns aside Rebecca gushes about providing a show that “families can tune in to together,” that has slapstick, humour, magic and a whole lot of heart. Not to mention the strong South African presence that has become a fan favourite.

“We’ve had a strong South African presence on our show. Our season long baddies have been played by South Africans, for example in the first season we had Lesley-Ann Brandt and then season two took on fictional characters namely Moriarty, played by David S. Lee, who was a huge fan favourite."

On season four

While giving absolutely nothing away, Rebecca does mention that season four may just be their best yet.

“This season we think could possibly be our best. It’s a weird, wild, crazy season and we can’t wait for it to air.

“We’re just so proud of it. We are so happy that the people who love the show are devoted to it and we couldn’t be more grateful.”

Watch the trailer here:

Catch the premiere of season four of The Librarians on Thursday, 14 December on Universal Channel (DStv 117) at 20:00.

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