We went on a romantic one-on-one date with The Bachelor SA's hunky Lee - and now we totally understand why he's making the ladies faint

2019-03-31 05:59
Our one-on-one date with Lee Thompson, The Bachelo

Cape Town – It was a crisp, misty autumn morning in the Mother City - the perfect weather for a romantic horse ride on Noordhoek beach.

Wearing a tight-fitting cotton white shirt, sexy blue jeans, a wide brimmed hat, and sitting comfortably in the saddle was my date, Lee Thompson - South Africa's first ever Bachelor.

I had scored a rare one-on-one date with probably one of the most eligible men in the country right now.

In typical Bachelor style, the date was planned down to a tee, and even our horses with their flowing manes were a couple - never straying far from each other.

As we strolled at a leisurely pace, with the smell of the fresh sea breeze engulfing the breathtaking views, I got to know the handsome hunk a bit better.

I quickly learn that there is much more to Lee than what we get to see in the hourly time-slot each Thursday night on our TV screens and understand why the ladies at the Bachelor mansion are falling for him. He is attentive, charming, comfortable to talk to, and a genuinely nice guy.

Finding love in real life is hard, so I can only imagine how hard it must be doing it on national TV with millions of people scrutinising not only you but your potential partner too.

So far all his interactions with the public have been positive: "They all want to tell me who to choose when they stop and talk to me."

Before signing on, Lee hadn’t seen much of the show. He may have watched an episode or two with an ex-girlfriend, he admits sheepishly.

While still deciding he binge-watched The Bachelor: Australia – of the six seasons, three couples are still together. These odds were good enough for Lee so, he thought why not and said yes.

The Bachelor SA date.


I can't help but pry a bit and try to get some saucy secrets out of him of what's still to come on the show.

He laughs and says: "There is a lot of drama coming; that's all I can tell you."

I am surprised to find out just how involved he is in the show. He has input in the dates and also chooses who he goes on a date with – both the one-on-ones and the group dates.

The Bachelor SA date.

While we still have a few episodes to go before we reach the family visits, Lee admits that those were undoubtedly the toughest.

I ask him what has been the most significant thing he has learned about himself during this process: "It has taught me to open up. I have been very guarded, but I am learning that it is okay to let people in."

As our ride draws to an end, we both grow quiet and take in the peace and serenity around us.

"So Lee, are people going to be surprised by who you choose?" I ask.

"Oh, yes, people think they know, but they don't really. It's going to be a big surprise", he says with a sparkle in his eyes.

The Bachelor SA date.

(Photos: De Leça Media)

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