YouTube show Fanta Squad is good for a laugh

2018-08-12 00:00
fanta squad

City Press review: Fanta Squad

Available on: YouTube

Day and time: Thursdays 16:00

Rating: 3/5

First of all, let me say that the main aim of this show is to get teens to buy Fanta. The show is to boost sales. This short web series sees Kat, Matt and Tafire take on challenges set by the show’s producers and Fanta’s brand ambassador, Lasizwe.

The Fanta Squad takes on these challenges that vary from wearing a blindfold and touching weird things like an uncooked liver or building a raft and seeing whether or not it floats. Lasizwe is the main attraction though – he has a good energy about him and a degree of comedic timing. The show is short with each episode lasting all of seven minutes, but it has made for interesting viewing.

One day, Kat and Tafire hit the taxi rank wearing full-on wedding attire as though they had just come from the church. People at the rank couldn’t believe it. They take Matt along as the best man who has never been to a rank nor set foot in a taxi before. Shame, they give him a few tips like not to lose the money and avoid the front seat. I enjoyed this a bit.

Another good moment was when Kat dressed up like Kelly Rowland and hit Eastgate Shopping Centre with the two guys as her bodyguards. They caused quite the stir and it was interesting to see how people go bonkers for these celebs even when they don’t know exactly who it is or why they’re hanging around. The four youngsters seem to connect well with each other and the show.

The mood is light and every now and then there are laugh-out-loud moments. Without the corporate element to this show, it could really be pushed a bit. But as Lasizwe would say, there are “layvels” [levels] to this thing. The show is a good look for the kids: Right before or after a spot of homework, shut your brain down for a few moments and maybe catch a laugh.

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