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2012-03-14 16:46
Ice Loves Coco
After almost 11 years of marriage, one of TV's most unconventional celebrity couples are back to prove that love conquers all in the new season of Ice Loves Coco. Now airing in its second season, Ice Loves Coco sees the famous twosome showing a more intimate side of the power couple's marriage, going behind the hype and headlines and giving viewers an exclusive glimpse into their ultra-stylish lives.

Speaking to Channel24 from New York, the reality TV couple said they never expected the show to get "such a great response" from their fans and audiences around the world.

Did you expect that the show would do so well?
Ice T: I was nervous about putting our life in public for the world to see. I was worried that if no one liked it, then the show would suck. From what I've seen, celebrity couples who do reality TV shows often don't make it through the negative comments and it becomes destructive to their marriage. So far, I'm happy with the response and people around me are please with how well the show has done.
Coco: I told him that people will like it! I know the characters in my life and we're all hilarious. If you see us behind closed doors – which what the show does – you will soon see that Ice and I aren't  fighters, we're lovers. We like to call the show as a modern day “I Love Lucy” and we're happily married and want the world to see this.”

Why was it important for you both to do this?
Coco: I wanted to show my heart and that I'm more than just a model. I am so much more than that what people think, and I wanted to outgrow people thinking of me just being a model. I used the show as a way to turn my career around. My personal stuff is out there and all my life I have dealt with so much hate. These days, the show opened me up to a new generation of fans and it warms my heart when young girls, age five, come up to me telling me that I'm their idol. It gave Ice and my marriage a better look at how we are as human beings and not just celebrities.

Have you been to South Africa before?
Ice T: Coco and I both haven't been and we're wanting to come and visit. The Director of Photography on the show, Anton, is South African and we get all the great stories about how beautiful the country is. I'd love to come for sure.

What did you learn about yourself from season one?
Ice T: I don't think we learned anything other than we're always doing and giving our best and that we are represented 100% accurate on TV as when we're not in front of the cameras. Our friends have all told us how authentic the show is and our portrayal in it and we're happy with the outcome so far.

After 11 years of marriage, how do you two make your marriage work?
Ice T: It helps for us to get along, and we truly enjoy each others company, despite living in such a tough industry. It's really important to communicate with each other all the time. We also try to stay away from miserable people as their problems could become infectious with their problems. If you have friends with fucked up relationships, tell them to stay the hell out of your business. (Laughs)
Coco: We don't have any problems and we address whatever issues we have, immediately. You can't get mad today and not speak to each other for two weeks.

How do you keep your sex life interesting and the marriage spiced up?
Ice T: Having good sexual chemistry is the key ingredient to a successful marriage. I’m just a sexual monster. She just oozes sex. Everyone kind of knows we love having good sex all the time and trust me, wherever you are in this world, there's a Richter scale and you will know when we having sex, because we're that good together. Everyone likes something different, weird or strange but if the woman's willing to satisfy her man in bed, then go for it. But don't get mad if the woman doesn’t want to satisfy her man and he is out there trying to get his groove on.
Coco: It's like when your man loves fried chicken, you have to make the best fried chicken ever and keep him satisfied. Or if your man loves for you to wear baseball clothes, if you like the idea of it then wear it and keep your marriage alive. I enjoy wearing heels too! It's party of my daily life.

In the first episode of season two, you find out that you have high blood pressure. How have you since dealt with that health issue?
Coco: Eating healthier has opened my eyes to enjoying my life so much better. I am definitely going green with my foods now and I also enjoy white tea instead of green tea. White tea is the bud that eventually turns into green tea, so it's a great tool to your healthy eating plan.

* Ice Loves Coco premieres on E! Entertainment (DStv channel 124) on Sunday 1 April at 20:00.

One of TV's most unconventional celebrity couples are back to prove that love conquers all in the new season of Ice Loves Coco. In this exclusive interview they talk about their TV show, coming to South Africa and their amazing sex life!
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