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Survivor SA: Gena becomes tribal shuffle casualty

2014-03-04 07:00
In a cruel twist of fate Gena Alkana was separated from her tribe and alliance and became the newbie at Utara. Despite her alliance trying to save her she was left at the mercy of her new tribe members and got kicked off.

We chatted to Gena about her alliance and what it really was like at tribe Utara.

When did it hit you during the game that a tribe shuffle was happening? Now that you know shuffle was taking place would you have played the game different like Shane and Stephen did?
When the card was read I heard games so I thought it would be an all day event. I don’t know when it really hit me. When it came out of Nico’s mouth I realised what was happening.

Did you have any hope that Corné would save you?
I hoped he would. I built a good relationship with him and on many occasions he told me how valuable I was for the team and that I was good to have on the team. I knew he would come to my defence.

You had an opportunity although brief to experience both tribes what are some of the main differences, tell us something we don’t see on TV.
There are so many differences. At Selatin there was lots of structures and rules. We always included Corné in everything. On the other tribe Mark wasn’t included in anything. That day when we got the box delivered Marion actually went to Shane to ask what they should eat first. All Mark did that day was float and tan.

You know that Mark got some flack for his leadership style. You were on both tribes what are the main differences between the their style of leadership?
Mark didn’t get involved at all, in anything. Corné on the other hand stayed out of the messy bits but he did give his opinion. He led by example he got involved in the challenges, he helped with the food, he helped with the cleaning. He did everything with us. He didn’t sit back and do nothing.

Do you think that Corne put a ‘target’ on your back when he whispered that not too subtle tip.
You know that morning was so crazy. What you didn’t see is that I tried hard not to make contact with anyone I refused to look at them, I actually started crying. I feel bad that Corné is getting flack about it but he did it to get my attention. I do think though that it could have been done differently.

Now that you actually really know what happened, how do you really feel about being knocked off? They were sneaky; in your opinion is this how the game should be played?
It’s a catch-22 I’m such a huge fan of the game. What you didn’t see is that i actually called the tribe together and told them if they were looking for strength they’d keep me on. David actually went to everyone told them everything, said I was unhappy and that I have a very strong alliance and if it came to merge I would vote them out. If I were in their shoes strategically I would have done the same; voted the new person out but I would not have gone about it the way they did. I would not have played the game that way.

Do Shane, Marian and Stephen stand a chance against the Rugrats if they make it to merge?
Not a chance! They are very cocky. I’d like to see them get knocked down a notch.

What did it feel like being a position of power to being the newbie?
It feels like you were slapped hard. So many things go through your mind. Strategically you have no one, you don’t have an alliance, you cannot trust anyone. It is not a great place to be and I didn’t see it coming. The one consolation that I have is that I wasn’t voted out by my own people.

Who would you like to win?
Graham, he is planning a strong strategic game it’s like he has been preparing for this his whole life.

What is the biggest lesson this experience has taught you?
Practical ones – that food is fuel and that as a coloured girl I can survive without conditioner. It was so beautiful being on the beach I used to sit there and think that this is the cover of travel magazines. I learnt how important it is to enjoy and be in the present moment. It was really hard there were days when I thought I cannot do this. I miss everyone and it’s amazing how quickly you can form emotional attachments. Some days I actually wish I was still on the island.

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