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Survivor SA: Killarney says she had very little experience

2014-02-10 12:25
Cape Town - After winning the immunity challenges twice in a row, Utara made their first appearance at the dreaded Tribal Council.

Martial artist Killarney Jones was the first person of Utara to be kicked off the island. We chat to her about the captaincy, her alliances and Zan.

What was your strategy going into the game?
I wanted to make as many acquaintances to begin with and then take my time to form alliances. It worked in the beginning but then stopped after I had misjudged one of the people I had made an early alliance with.

Why did you enter Survivor?
I entered to win the million to buy my mom a house. I didn’t have a lot of exeperience about the game I had watched an episode or two. I knew that it had physical and mental challenges which I knew I could cope with as i am used to challenging myself. I had very little experience though about what the ‘game’ was all about.

You were quite vocal about Mark’s leadership. What kind of leader is Mark?
In my opinion he is not a good leader; he is not assertive and doesn’t take charge. He doesn’t understand the people in his team. It is important to get to know individuals on a one on one basis and to get to know their physical abilities and strengths this is especially important when it comes to participation in the challenges.

The biggest talking point on social media was the outburst between Mark and Sivu. What are your thoughts about it?
We were very unhappy that we had to sit out the challenge. I saw it as a negative on Sivu’s part to confront Mark it was not in his best interest to do that. At the end of the day you want your captain to promote you to the next level. The least confrontational you are the better.

Up until last night Utara had won the immunity challenges but none of the reward challenges. How was this affecting the team?
Life was very tough at camp, team spirit was at a low. It’s all good winning immunity but the reward challenges are a big boost for moral. ‘You can only whip a working horse.’ Mark doesn’t have a strategy going into challenges and he doesn’t talk and plan ahead.

Now that you know about what happened behind the scenes would you have changed your vote?
Absolutely, trust is very difficult during this game. I would have changed my vote and trusted Buhle. Before tribal council I noticed some interaction between Buhle and Val and I doubted whether they were sincere. At the last minute I changed my vote I should’ve just stuck to the original plan.

Why do you think they’re keeping Zan on and do you think he will make the merge?
I think keeping him on is a short term goal. He is a good swimmer and not that good a food supplier, he is only feeding himself. The only thing that he is good at is swimming and he is not the only good swimmer. Keeping him on is not a good idea he breaks the tribe with his negativity. I don’t think he will make the merge he is too hot headed and when you are hot headed you cannot think straight.

You backed out of your original alliance; do you think this counted against you?
I got voted off because I was outspoken. I wanted to keep a low profile and not want people to see me as a threat. But as soon as my head was on the chopping block I worked fast and put myself out there amongst the other tribe members. In all honesty I would have also responded the same way Shane and the others did.

Who would you like to win and why?
I would like Buhle to win. I spoke to her, learnt about her life and got to know her a bit. She is strong and independent and goes after what she wants. She is a good role model and this will do well for the public.

What was the first thing you did after you left the island?
I had a shower, a good meal and caught up with my family.

What is the most valuable lesson this experience has taught you?
To always trust my instinct, to go with my first thought and to not second guess myself. This is usually the best decision to make.

Do you have any advice for the remaining contestants?
Have as little confrontation as you can and to save your energy this is particularly important for the challenges. If any of them make it to the merger be ruthless. Remind yourself that this it is easy to lose focus when resistant is low. Remember it is a game and you are there to win it!

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