Survivor SA: Zan and Shona give us an inside scoop

2014-02-18 05:30
Johannesburg - Survivor SA had most viewers sitting on the edge of their seats in the latest episode. A major curveball was thrown into the game this week when both camps went to a surprise tribal council.

A member from each tribe was sent packing this week - Utara’s Zan and Selatan’s Shona.

Zan made waves by being the first person to ask his tribe to vote him off the island. We spoke to him to get the scoop on how things really went down.

Q: The question everyone has been asking, why did you actually enter Survivor?
Zan: I  have been a fan from the beginning, it has always appealed to me. I thought it would be an awesome experience being marooned on an island and just to see how long you can last.

Q:  At what point did you realise you just didn’t want to be in the game anymore?
Zan: I thought about if for 3-4 days but I didn’t want anyone to notice. Buhle and I got along well and I felt that I could confide in her.

Q: So how are you feeling about what went down on last night’s episode and watching it play out?
Zan: I think last night’s episode went better than I expected. I thought my breaking down with Buhle would be worse than it really was. I was really lucky to have her there it’s really hard not having anyone to speak to. I am really grateful for Buhle and Sonetter they kept me together.

Q: The biggest shock so far this season has been you asking to exit, how have you responded to the backlash from everyone especially being called a coward and a quitter?
Zan: Honestly, I thought it would be a walk in the park it was nothing like that. What you see is what you get. You don’t know what you put yourself through. Everyone has their own opinions but you’ll have to put yourselves in the shoes of those on the island. It was one of the most difficult things I have had to do.

Q: You put Buhle in a somewhat uncomfortable position, do you think she will get backlash from the tribe?
Zan: I don't think she will get any backlash from the team. I made my intentions clear from the beginning Buhle, Sonette and Val are the only people I really care about in the team. The rest of the tribe I’m not bothered by.

Q:  What is the atmosphere like at camp Utara?
Zan: Selatin is definitely more happy go lucky much better than at Utara. Mark has gotten a lot of backlash, but he has done everything he could do.

Q: So you saw that Marion did steal your pants, how do you feel about that?
Zan: I didn’t know that they actually took two pairs of pants. It upset me I asked them to let me go so I didn’t see any point in that being done. I hope they put the pants to good use.

In an elaborate scheme Shona tired to oust David but her plan backfired when the tables got turned on her. She tells us more about her awkward relationship with David.

Q: The big immunity idol debacle, looking back would you have played things differently?
Shona: Yes, two things I shouldn’t have given it to Corne and I shouldn’t have stolen it in the first place. I didn’t expect to go though I thought I made friends there.

Q:  Did you at any point really trust David? What kind of relationship did the two of you have?
Shona: David and I had a very strange relationship I tried my best to include him with things because people didn’t really understand him. Strategically I wanted to be with him until the end because I thought I could beat him so it made sense to make a pact to have each others backs. In the end he just started being rude to me and spoke down to me and he just annoyed me.

Q: What was your strategy and where did it go wrong?
Shona: My strategy was not to be a threat I wanted to come across as a light-hearted person I didn’t want to scare anyone away. I wanted to get to the end with people I thought I could beat. It went wrong with I got paranoid and I didn’t keep a level head.

Q: Who do you think had to leave and why?
Shona: I really think that David had to leave and I thought he would go. He annoys everyone at camp. I think they are keeping him on for his vote. Looking back I think it would have been a great strategy to vote Zavion off, he’s a bit of a snake and just to shake the competition. I thought he was my friend.

Q: The Rugrat Alliance seem to hold a lot of power. How does it feel having your fate in someone else’s hands?
Shona: It’s not so much your fate lying in their hands. At Selatin we like to keep peace and harmony. It’s a unified group, it’s a good alliance and everyone got on well. Obviously I wasn’t included in their decision to vote me off.

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