Survivor SA's Philip talks strategy and sugarcanegate

2014-02-24 13:28
Johannesburg - Despite being the main food provider, fireman Philip was booted from the tribe. We catch up with him to find out about his strategy, his wildcard attempt to get Corné to play the immunity idol and sugarcanegate.

What was your strategy going into the game?
To be honest I didn’t really have one. I did think that I would play the game in the shadows. In the end I did end up being the provider which I wanted to do but I did not play as much part in the social game.

Were you intentionally an outsider? How did it come about that you weren’t part of the alliance?
In the beginning Zavion suggested we form an alliance it was a bit early in the game but I didn’t want to be left out. I wasn’t really a part of the Rugrat alliance because I was actually fishing. And when the time came I wasn’t prepared to suck up to them at all.

What are your thoughts on the Rugrats and how long do you think it will last?
They are in a really interesting position now everyone who is left are all part of the alliance. They’ll obviously have to eliminate one of their own. David is the obvious choice unless they feel that someone else has broken their trust.

Who’s the head honcho, who’s really pulling the strings in the Rugrat alliance?
When I was on the island I thought it was the girls. Now I can see that it’s definitely Graham and Moyra who are pulling the strings. David is only there for his vote, he’s a pawn and Zavion is a puppy. Gena and Moyra are quite close too.

Let’s talk about Sugarcanegate. You’ve exposed Moyra, how do you think this will impact her standing in the tribe and the alliance now?
I wanted to rock the boat and show them that this is Survivor! It was a strategic move to show them that everyone cannot be trusted.

What was it like spending the night with Jonty Rhodes at camp?
It was great, Jonty is a legend and I had nice one on one chats with him. What you didn’t see is that it was actually one of the worst nights we had on the island it stormed all night, I ended up sleeping in a stream of water. It was nice to have him there and spend the night with us and to experience life on the island.

How do you feel about Corné being in possession of the immunity idol? Did you at any moment think he would use it for you? Do you think he will use it maybe to save Zavion?
I had to give it a try but i didn’t have any hopes that he would use if to save me. When he didn’t commit to anything I knew I was going home. Obviously Corné has his favourites and he and Zavion just seem to click they have a lot in common. Corné wants to keep the tribe strong so it will be interesting to see if he will use the idol to save Zavion.

You were the main provider of food what do you think will happen now and how the workload is divided in the team. I’m very curious to know what the Rugrats do to contribute.
The Rugrats helped to keep the camp clean and some of them washed clothes. I caught fish and I started the fire and kept it going, I think probably because I am a fireman it became my job. When I left the rice was very low and it’s not going to last long. It will be interesting to see what happens now that I am gone. 

What’s the biggest lesson this experience has taught you?
I look at relationships differently. I learnt that I have to engage with people more. This experience has also made me look at food differently. We eat so much when we’re at home, we tend to eat much more than we really need.

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