Survivor SA's Shane: I wanted to change the way South Africans play the game

2014-04-22 14:40
Cape Town - In another season shocker Survivor SA baddie, Shane Hattingh, was voted off the island in a brilliant game play.

Shane played a ruthless game, manipulating, lying, cheating and stealing. Despite being in position of two immunity idols he was sent packing through a well orchestrated plan by Graham.

We chatted to Shane about morals, his game plan and who he is backing to win the million.

You’re a big Survivor fan was there anyone’s game you wanted to emulate going into Survivor SA?
Russel Hantz – I turned out to be a cross between Boston Rob and Hantz. I wanted to change the way South Africans play the game. I object to the kinds of stupidity I was surrounded with and it was hard for me to keep quiet.

What was your biggest strength going into the game?
I’m very good at reading people and this has always kept me in good stead and it also killed me in the end. I actually felt bad voting Zavion off this was the first time I felt bad for casting a vote against someone.

You and Marion have gotten a lot of flack about the way you have played the game, what’s your take on the backlash?
I’m sick and tired of the conservative, weak, malaise mindset. Would you have rather watched 20 episodes of how the Selatin tribe played the game, well no. That doesn’t make for entertaining television. If God could grant me one wish (if I believed in God) I'd like to be put on the island with all the twitter and facebook commentators and send you home twisted.

The big moral question – Zavion summed it up nicely that the game is a compromise. Are morals important in this game?
No, it’s collateral, every decision you make is a compromise of something on its own. You are forced to make a decision. I have no sympathy for people who cried, wanting to go home, this is a once in a lifetime experience.

You will officially go down as the immunity idol whisperer, finding two of them without a clue and yet you didn’t use any of them for yourself. Were you a bit overconfident going into Tribal Council this week, what do you think led to your downfall?
It took me 4 hours to find that second idol. The fact that I was voted out well you could say that I was overconfident. I took one of the idols with me, the other one is still in play. Sivu has been schooled in the art of deception so I hope he goes out to look for it. I nearly played the idol at Tribal Council. I knew it could be the greatest moment or the worst and it turned out to be the latter.

The game is becoming real now, who on the tribe has surprised you the most and did you at some point underestimate your competition?
I played to win every time. I underestimated Sivu, he taught himself to swim properly on the island and he worked two teams, Altaaf just because he wasn’t really present early on in the game and Graham well I knew he was a threat and I tried to get him out in the beginning, he’s always looking around with those shifty eyes.

What will you be basing your final vote on as a member of the jury?
I will base my final vote on who I think played the game well. I was very proud of South Africans when it came to voting they were objective. I sat around the fire very surprised with the conversations about who would be voted for.

Do you have a favourite to win the million?
I truly hope Sivu stays in long enough to win, I’m all for backing the underdog.

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