Survivor SA's Sonette: It was a moment of insanity

2014-03-10 13:10
Johannesburg - Sonette Myburgh became the 8th person to be voted off the island on Survivor SA this week.

Despite her best efforts she became a liability to her team when an unfortunate accident left her with a leg injury.

We chatted to Sonette about the backstabbing, her injury and that hidden immunity idol.

(Sonette and bestie, Marion hug)

Did you think you’d make it this far in the game?

Honestly, I thought I would make it much further. It was an awesome experience.

You got injured on the island, tell me more about your injury?
While we were sleeping one of the support beams fell on me. I was in excruciating pain on the island and it intensified after the challenges but I just put it out of my mind I wanted to be strong for my team. I didn’t know how serious it was until I got home. I immediately went to the doctor and we discovered that I had torn all my ligaments in my groin. I had a long recovery and had intense physical training, I walked with a limp for two months. Fortunately there was no permanent damage.

What do you think Utara’s strengths are and do you think it will be enough to carry them through to the merge?
Utara’s strengths lie in their desire to win. Selatin might have the brains in Graham and the brawn in Solly and Zavion but Utara shouldn’t be discounted yet their hunger to win will carry them far.

In the beginning Utara won most of the immunity challenges what has changed in the team?
It changed because there is a lot of discord in the team especially when it comes to challenges. I had a bit of a tiff with Mark the first time I was excluded from a challenge and then Sivu as well. Killarney really hit the nail on the head when she said that Mark should show interest in getting to know everyone’s strengths and use them when it comes to challenges. There are some unhappy on the team as their strengths have not been realised and this is largely due to a lack of communication and understanding.

You said in last night’s episode that you felt you were only being used for your vote, did you gel with anyone in the team is there anyone you considered a friend?
I’m not a social person so I won’t make the first move when it comes to meeting people, I would wait for someone else to make the first move. There were two people that I really became close with on the island. On the first day Marion took a real interest in getting to know me and we formed a friendship. We are still close. Zan and I also had a good relationship we have a lot of the same interests, and we even share a star sign. There rest of the tribe I really didn’t get to know at all.

After watching last night’s interview you have a new perspective about what’s really going on in your tribe. How do you feel about Marion and Shane’s strategy?
Marion and Shane are masterminds. They are playing the game and they really get to know people well, they know exactly what the next move would be. They would be deserving of the title, I have huge respect for them.

Looking back now do you wish you had taken the immunity Idol with you to tribal council instead of leaving it behind?
Yes, I do, I should have taken it with me! But I asked myself what kind of example will I be setting for my daughter who is watching the show. I want to teach her morals and integrity and I was doing the exact opposite. When I stole it I had a temporary moment of insanity. I was hungry, tired and in pain. But luckily I had a moment of clarity. I could have taken it with me and used it and all it would have done was buy me another day and they would have still voted me off. In the end it was a necessary sacrifice.

Stephen seemed very concerned about you, how do you feel about him? Especially now after having seen the episode?
I never trusted him I never liked him and I felt he never liked me too. After watching the episodes I actually saw that he stuck up for me a lot, he was actually sincere and more trustworthy than the others and I didn’t see this while I was on the island. I have huge respect for him and the strategy he is playing. I hope he isn’t angry that I voted for him.

Were you surprised at the amount of backstabbing really going on behind the scenes?
Yes, very. I went into the game thinking I’ll play with integrity and keep my word when alliances were made.  I made a pact with Buhle and she stabbed me in the back and up until I left the island I never voted for her. I was very shocked to see how quick people can turn on you and still smile in your face.

Who would you like to win?
I would like Marion to win we were besties on the island. I know that she gets a lot of flack from people but she is really a very nice person, she is trustworthy and loyal and you can see this in her alliance with Shane. She plays the game very well.

What is the most important lesson this experience has taught you?
To appreciate what you have in life, the everyday comforts that we take for granted like food, a roof above your head and your loved ones. When I got back I hugged my daughter for an hour. Knowing that these things can be taken away from you so quickly makes you appreciate you more. And then of course I came back with a lot of trust issues.

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