Survivor's Altaaf opens up about THAT controversial gay comment

2014-04-29 12:38
Cape Town - This week’s Tribal Council will go down as one of the most explosive episodes of the season.

It was no more Mr Nice Guy for Altaaf Sheik as he became the 15th castaway to be voted off the island.

We spoke to Altaaf about rice, backstabbing alliances and THAT controversial remark.

Are you happy about the way you played the game and how you left?
I am happy with how I played the game, the leaving bit not so pleased. It was a highly emotionally charged episode a lot was said that wasn’t shown on TV. I said a lot of things in anger that I now regret.

In hindsight do you regret burning the rice?
I do regret burning the rice. People misunderstand this situation, I chose the rice because it would last longer than the doughnuts, but it wouldn’t have lasted forever. The reason I took the rice away is because it became the reason for contention. I was just so upset about being backstabbed by Graham and Zavion that I forgot Buhle, David and Sivu would also suffer from this action.

You’ve gotten lots of flack on social media for the gay remark. Any comment on that?
I immediately called Zavion to apologise and we both admitted that we both said things in anger that we didn’t mean. Those who know me well know the type of person that I am and I’m not really concerned about public opinion.

You basically threw Zavion and Graham under the bus by admitting that you guys cheated on the reward challenge. Was this you getting back at them?
They were saying I was lying and pretending to be the nice guy and like you said I did want to get back at them. I have to be honest even in real life it takes long for me to get angry and explode and when I usually do it is in epic proportion. It was just unfortunate that this happened on national TV.

You were a favourite with both of the captains and you built up a relationship with Corne, how do you feel about his remarks and his disappointment?
In all honesty I didn’t really expect that they would root for me as my name didn’t really come up once as a favourite. I knew they liked me but I don’t think I was really a favourite. Corne is an amazing guy I enjoyed working with him. I remember at the merge Marion came over to me and said that good guys never won they always get double crossed. And that’s what happened.

What will you be basing your final vote on?
From the beginning my mindset was that in order to win you have be dodgy and corrupt and I didn’t want to win that way, it wasn’t the type of game I wanted to play. I’m a firm believer that good can win. I really want Buhle to win she is honest, and a nice person. She came up to me to tell me about the vote even though she knew her head would be next on the chopping block. That spoke volumes of her character. And then there’s David who despite the odds he is still there. Sivu has been the underdog, Zavion with his superhuman physical abilities who really does deserve to win based on that alone and of course Graham who I built a relationship with.

What has been the most valuable lesson this experience has taught you?
I know it’s a cliché, but the human body and mind are amazing. You feel like you reach your end but your body still pushes on and when you get to the challenges the adrenaline kicks in. When it comes to people and their characters I have always been naive and that came to the fore again on the island. That won’t change, I always believe in the good in people and that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

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