Good Girls - S1

2018-07-31 07:56


As Beth, Ruby and Annie face personal and financial crises, they decide to team up and take back their lives - by robbing their local grocery store. 


I don’t know why I was expecting this to be a comedy but it certainly wasn’t. Maybe it’s because former Parks and Recreation star Retta plays Ruby, a cash strapped waitress who needs money for her daughter’s life saving treatments. It’s not terribly dark but it’s not the 20 minute comedy I was expecting. It turns out that this is more of a dramedy because these girls get up to some crazy shenanigans with some dire consequences.

But let’s backtrack a bit and start at the beginning. Good Girls follows the story of three women who are all in desperate need of cash and fast. First there’s Ruby and then there are sisters Beth (Christina Hendricks) and Annie (Mae Whitman). Beth’s just found out that her husband is cheating on her with his secretary and has lost all their money. And Annie finds herself in a terrible job and about to lose custody of her daughter to her rich ex-husband.

The girls are in a tight spot and need money so Annie suggests they rob the store she works at. And while it all goes off without a hitch, it turns out there is far more money in the store’s vaults than they had anticipated. Beth and Ruby are understandably freaked out – you see, the cops wouldn’t follow up on $30 000 but the half a million they stole will definitely raise some flags.

But they needn’t have worried about the police because it turns out that the extra money belonged to a ruthless gangster called, Rio who invades Beth’s home and gives them some time to get the money back to him. You see, Annie’s gone and splurged on a new car and other flashy things to impress and keep her daughter.

Throwing a spanner in the works is Annie’s boss, Boomer who is a straight up scumbag who tries rape and then blackmail her. So the girls add kidnapping to their list of crimes they’re quickly racking up.

Events just snowball from here and the girls end up in some weird cycle. They get out, Beth drags them back in. Why Beth? Why?! It turns out that Beth has quite a taste for the suburban gangster life, eventually getting into “business” with Rio by laundering money and sneakily enlisting the help of other suburban housewives by telling them they’re “secret shoppers”.  

This show is so entertaining and the plot takes you on such a rollercoaster. Are they going to get caught? Is Rio going to kill them all? Will Ruby’s daughter get that kidney she so desperately needs? We have to know! All in all, Good Girls is a fun time and a great binge-watch.

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