The Flash - S4

2018-01-12 13:34

Show: The Flash S4

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What we thought:

Barry Allen and co have finally zoomed back into our lives and I am really looking forward to this season for two reasons:

1. The villain is finally not another speedster.
2. Our very own Neil Sandilands and Kim Engelbrecht are cast as the main villains. 

It makes my heart so happy and proud to see South Africans doing amazing things. But how was their first outing on The Flash?

Let's get into it.

With Barry stuck in the Speed Force prison and Caitlin off to work out her Killer Frost problems, Team Flash is trying their best to keep the peace in Central City. They're doing okay but not great. Iris is now running the show but Cisco is still the best and Wally is still a bit lame.

But there's someone else who wants the Flash back and will go to sneaky lengths to get him back. The team face off with a samurai who gives them 24 hours to produce the Flash or Central City dies. A bit dramatic to be honest but hey, it's the kick in the butt that the team needs to proactively get Barry back and so Cisco comes up with a plan to get Barry back.

Iris was weirdly not on board with Cisco's plan which means he went behind her back and got Caitlin back. Caitlin, the lady with two PhD's, was now working at a shady bar but very quickly jumped back into the swing of things. It didn't take much convincing to get her back.

Their little experiment doesn't work and Iris loses her damn mind for no reason. Cisco and I are both very confused by her reaction. But then Cecile lets them know that Barry was found at the police station, so their experiment actually did work, he just popped out at another location.

Barry, unfortunately is not himself. Confused, disorientated and just a shambles, he is of no use to anyone. He's speaking gibberish and scrawling a strange cypher on any flat surface he can find.

So, Wally suits up in the new Flash suit in order to face off with the Samurai because their time is up. Wally, of course, gets his ass handed to him and the Samurai once again threatens the city if the Flash doesn't show up by night fall.

With Barry being in no shape to even interact with normal people, facing off with the Samurai is definitely off the cards. Cisco, Iris and Joe all try to get through to him but it's only when Iris purposefully gets herself kidnapped by the Samurai does Barry snap out of it to rescue her.

In the end the Flash defeats the Samurai which turns out to be a robot sent by The Thinker, played by our very own Neil Sandilands. It was such a thrill to see Lolly and Bart on a major CW show. They did a fantastic job but I was a little confused by Kim Engelbrecht's accent. I was unsure of where she was meant to be from.

In another twist, it turns out that Caitlin wasn't just working in a bar but for a mobster called Amunet and she’s also able to control Killer Frost from emerging. 

It was a great reintroduction to the show and where all the players are on the board. The villains are mysterious and enigmatic and the best part is that they're not speedsters. Barry has faced off with so many speedsters that it was honestly getting boring and it will be fun to see how he faces off with these villains. Here's hoping that he stops messing with flipping timelines this season though. We can only hope.

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