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The cast of Housekeepers.


In a world behind high walls and luxury, the wealthy may believe they are powerful in the comfort of their mansions, but it is the housekeepers who see all and know all. Devoted daughter, Linda Ndlovu (Thando Thabethe), goes to look for the truth when she hides her identity behind an apron. Assuming the role of housekeeper to bring the Zwide family to justice after one of her loved ones are framed for murder.


Mzansi Magic’s local drama Housekeepers addresses the class dynamics between the wealthy and the poor, as well as how social systems can easily favour the rich. 

Going beyond the walls of affluent Fourways families, and the helpers who run their households and raise their children - Housekeepers brings to the forefront the characters who are often the ones overlooked.

After her mother is framed for murder, Linda Ndlovu (Thando Thabethe) takes it upon herself to clear her mother’s name and bring the people responsible to death. But as the storyline progresses, boundaries between friends and enemies, and employer and employee become blurred.

Right off the bat, I found the cinematography extremely striking, especially when looking at the juxtaposition between the high walls of Fourways, and the dusty streets of Diepkloof. But what makes Housekeepers even more interesting to watch is the unique editing techniques. The methods add a whole new level of sophistication to the production quality, and it’s unlike anything else I’ve seen on local television.  

Thando's portrayal of scorned daughter, Linda Ndlovu is commendable, and deserves a round of applause. Her body language, performance, passion and mannerisms are exactly what the role demands. And her delivery is exceptional, and natural, as if she isn’t even aware that the cameras are rolling. Thando delivers a stand-out performance.  

Mangaliso Ngema (Peter Zwide) and Zikhona Sodlaka (Boniswa Mzobe) are very believable in their portrayals of the prosperous yet devious couple. 

Zikhona brings the villainous Boniswa to life, and she is the one character who I despise. Her self-serving, malicious and cold-hearted qualities are executed excellently, and she has become one of the characters you simply love to hate (or just hate) and who’s unpredictability keeps you hooked! 

The script is absolutely gripping, and week-by-week I’m consistently on the edge of my seat to see what scheming plans the Zwide family has up their sleeve next. The content, and issues transpiring on screen are relatable and what adds even more value are the actors’ delivery. It feels authentic and genuine.  

Housekeepers airs Saturdays at 20:30 on 1Magic (DStv 103) and Mondays at 20:00 on Mzansi Magic, (DStv 161). It is also available on DStv Now and Showmax.


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