Insecure - S3

2018-10-05 14:40
Actress Issa Rae in Insecure season 3.


Black women are meant to be strong and proud. But Issa and Molly's friendship thrives on their insecurities in this side-splitting new comedy show, a fresh look at being yourself.


**Warning: This review contains spoilers**

As a 29-year-old single woman of colour, living on my own and still navigating my way through friendships, romantic relationships and the workplace, I feel perfectly represented and my existence validated in every episode. 

Character growth is a focal point this season and I saw so much of myself in many of the situations. 

Molly (Yvonne Orji) starts a new job and must adapt to building and maintaining professional relationships, office politics and a new company culture. Molly, who in the past has made it abundantly clear that she only wants to date a black man, also expands her dating pool and is pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

This season we also see a lot more of Kelly (Natasha Rothwell), who I love. She has quickly become one of my favourite characters on the show with her quick wit, and savage clap-backs.     

The issue that Kelly deals with this season, is one that many women can relate to. Your friends get married, have babies so where exactly do you fit into their lives?

The stand-out episode this season for me is episode 7, Obsessed-like. Issa’s love interest, Nathan (Kendrick Sampson) ghosts her, and she goes into full cyber-stalking mode. It was such a real response, to a situation that we’ve all been in.

The episode for me sparked a much-deeper conversation about the implications of how overly-connected our relationships have become because of social media.

Like you haven’t obsessed over a blue tick before? 

In the season finale, Issa celebrates her 30th birthday and we see her finally in a good head space, motivated and over Nathan.

That is, until he returns with flowers and a birthday card.  

Nathan explains why he disappeared for a month saying that he sometimes gets sad and doesn’t know how to be around people, so he returned to Houston to regroup.

When she enters back into her apartment, Issa looks around at the disorganised mess that surrounds her and gets her house in order – literally.

When she’s done unpacking and tiding up she pours herself a drink and takes in everything she has accomplished. 

She has pride, she feels dignified and confident. She is in complete juxtaposition to the Issa we’ve been seeing throughout the season – couch surfing, chaotic and feeling inadequate.

The finale didn’t feel like a definite ending to a chapter, but more like a kick-off point for the next season. 

I especially look forward to the conversation around Nathan’s implied depression. Topics around depression and anxiety in the POC community is not an open conversation and more often than not swept under the rug. 



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