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2018-09-07 13:52
iron fist


As a gang war brews in New York's Chinatown, Danny and Colleen strive to protect the innocent while battling fearsome enemies both old and new.


The first thing I want to say about season two of Iron Fist is that it’s cohesive. Now, that might not seem like a glowing compliment but after the shambles that was season 1, this is high praise.

Before we get into season 2 it’s important to really acknowledge what a big mess season 1 was. It took me a couple of weeks to watch the first three episodes. But I forced myself to watch it so I wouldn’t be lost when watching The Defenders (where Iron Fist teams up with Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Luke Cage).

Season 1 had too many storylines that for 80% of the season had nothing to do with each other so, you didn’t know if you were watching a show about the Meachum family or about Iron Fist’s war against The Hand, it was just all over the place and the pace was annoyingly slow.

And while season 2 does start out with multiple storylines, it’s made clear to the viewer pretty early on that they’re all connected in some way which keeps the interest peaked. A big contrast to the chore that was season 1.

Season 2 of Iron Fist takes place after the events of The Defenders and season 2 of Luke Cage. Danny Rand has taken up the task that Daredevil left him at the end of Defenders to protect his city. As usual Danny Rand is the least interesting character in this show but at least he is a lot less whiny and annoying than he was in season 1 and even during The Defenders.

The Meachum siblings were my favourite part of season one and it’s great to see Ward’s character development in this season. I love his relationship with Danny and how they are growing to be like brothers. Ward was the worst as a child and not that much better as an adult. But Ward is trying to be a better human and is probably the first person who doesn’t laugh at Danny when he talks about the Dragon. Even Luke Cage is still giving him crap about that.

There’s a big switch up between Ward and Joy this season. Joy is the centre and cause of all the shenanigans and is hurt and out for revenge and has teamed up with Danny’s “brother” from K’un Lun, Davos. And the subplot of the war between the Triad gangs in China Town ties in quite neatly with this main plot.

This season also introduces us to Typhoid Mary played amazingly by Alice Eve. Mary has Dissociative Identity Disorder and when Danny meets her she’s the shy and timid version but we soon learn that this is not the dominant personality and also what the more blood thirsty version of Mary is up to. I did feel that she would have made a better main villain than the Davos/Joy team up, she was just so fantastic to watch.

The pairing I was most excited to see on screen was The Daughters of the Dragon, Colleen Wing and Misty Knight. We see the two women get close in the second season of Luke Cage but really come to kick ass in Iron Fist. I love these two characters and Colleen is written so much better this season and watching her fight alongside Misty is a joy.

Speaking of fight scenes, the fight scenes are a lot better this season thanks to new fight choreographer, Clayton Barber who also worked on Black Panther. My favourites of course involved Colleen, one in a kitchen restaurant and another in a backyard tattoo parlour.

Season 2 of Iron Fist is a vast improvement on its abysmal first season, with better pacing, plotlines and character development and while it can’t hold a candle to the likes of Marvel’s The Punisher it’s still quite watchable.


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