Santa Clarita Diet - S2

2018-05-04 16:48


Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant star in this Netflix-original series as married realtors, Sheila and Joel, who are living a quiet life, raising their teenage daughter in Santa Clarita, California. Their world unexpectedly changes when Sheila goes through a dramatic transformation that sends her down a road of death and destruction - but leaves her looking and feeling better than ever. 


Previously on Santa Clarita Diet: Joel was caught by the police trying to get the bile of a Serbian grandmother, Sheila had locked herself in the basement and Abby and Eric were still working on a cure.

If you’ve never watched Santa Clarita Diet, then let’s step back a little further. One day Sheila Hammond and her husband Joel are showing a house and she throws up copiously all over the place, and then through a series of events is informed by the neighbour’s teenage son that she is a zombie. Hijinks and shenanigans ensue with people being killed, eaten and so many ridiculous cover-ups.

While Drew Barrymore is so great in this show, Timothy Oliphant without a doubt steals the show as the lovable and hilarious Joel who just wants to find a cure for his wife’s condition.

The second season of this hilarious comedy sees the Hammonds search for a cure for zombification, the discovery of more zombies in Santa Clarita, Nathan Fillion’s severed head and more importantly, just how Sheila got turned into a zombie. I won’t spoil it for you because it is delightfully ridiculous.

The other development this season is the murder of cop neighbour Dan and the subsequent relationship that blooms between his partner, Anne and his wife. Anne is investigating all the strange occurrences happening in Santa Clarita. 

One of my favourite character developments though is from the Hammond’s daughter, Abby. She becomes such a bad ass this season and is great. The relationship between Abby and her parents as well as just between the Hammonds as a couple is wonderful to watch. The way Joel has Sheila’s back through all the madness is just heart-warming and once again, Timothy Olyphant is truly the MVP of this series. His absolute incredulous reactions to all the madness paired with his accepting that madness almost immediately is a joy to watch.

Another thing I was most excited about was the return of Nathan Fillion, or at least his severed head. You see when the Hammond’s killed him last season, they didn’t realise Sheila had actually turned him and he had been living as a head underground. Well, that is until they dig him up and make a lovely home for him in a storage facility. As a Browncoat, I just love having our captain on my screen in whatever capacity that is but he does make for an amusing twist in this already madcap adventure.

Santa Clarita is easy to binge-watch and a fun way to spend an evening or a couple of days if you prefer.



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