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2018-06-18 10:23
Alexis Conran and Marcus Brigstocke, hosts of The


Technophobe Marcus Brigstocke and technophile Alexis Conran put the world's top gadgets to the test.


My Netflix recommendations are a mess. 

It might be due to the fact that I regularly have to review an array of different shows or it could just be my rather “eclectic” taste in TV shows.

My best friend would probably have you believe the latter. But he wouldn’t be as generous with the use of the word “eclectic”. In fact I’m pretty sure he once called my TV and cinematic taste; “pure trash”. 

He’s the king of the eye roll and is quick on the draw when it comes to shooting down my fresh and exciting TV recommendations. My suggestions are almost always met with a ruthless face-palm-emoji-reply. 

I suspect that might just be why I instantly fell in love with The Joy of Techs (yes, that’s a pun) on Netflix. 

The show, which originally aired on UKTV channel Dave, sees super-keen Alexis Conran’s amazing tech suggestions being trampled on by a perpetually unimpressed Marcus Brigstocke. 

The bromance between the two hosts of this fun and entertaining tech show is undoubtedly the key to its success. Alexis’ vigour in trying to impress his buddy and Marcus’ constant unimpressed facial expression is TV gold. It's like watching a cute Labrador puppy excitedly trying to play with a sleepy Basset Hound. 

Marcus, a British comedian, has perfected the art of raining on Alexis’ parade. But the enthusiastic host of The Real Hustle and winner of Celebrity Masterchef UK never lets that get him down. He just pulls another nifty gadget from his bag of electronic tricks – almost like a techie Mary Poppins of sorts. 

And sometimes, just sometimes, the gadgets win over the cynic and the joy on technophile Alexis’ face radiates like a kid who just got a high five from his favourite sports star.

The two men give unfiltered, down-to-earth reviews of top-end tech and gadgets with the same honesty and spiciness that made that other well-known car show such a huge success. 

The Joy of Techs is a delightful, light-hearted gem of a show that’s packed with interesting facts and gadgets. The friendship between its co-hosts is the golden thread that effortlessly ties it all together. 

I highly recommend this one! In fact I think this might just be the very first show that both my best friend and I will finally agree on. If only I can get him to read this review. Because he never reads anything I write. Never.

Watch The Joy of Techs on Netflix now.

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