Rhythm City: Detective Madikgetla may soon find out who killed David

2020-02-17 15:40
 (PHOTO: Facebook)


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Kop gives Rene a piece of his mind.

Madikgetla gets closer to the truth as Khulekani and Suffo bond.

Khulekani has a deadly proposal.

The wrath of the ancestors falls on Rene once again.

Sindiswa grows too big for her boots.

Madikgetla is digging and Khule wants to bury her in her own hole.

Sindiswa struggles with the backlash from her fans.

Nandi and Khulekani make a shocking discovery.

Rene makes a fateful decision.

Khulekani has a plan for Madikgetla.

Nandi and Khulekani draw closer together.

Madikgetla is caught off guard.

Rene holds onto a secret.

Sindiswa wants to make a change.

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