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2019-08-27 09:35
(PHOTO: Rhythm City Facebook)

Airing : Weekdays 19:00

Channel : E TV

Date: 28 Aug -30 Sep 2019

Rene messes up on air.

Fats goes behind Jamaica’s back.

Suffo sets a trap.

Rene gets sucked deeper into her calling.

Jamaica and Khulekani take the next step.

Suffo surprises everyone at the BEA - Ziyanda especially.

Pearl gets Mzi’s hopes up.

Jamaica reaches the point of no return with Khulekani.

Mampho is not impressed with Rene.

Rene gets the camera crew to follow her as she performs a cleansing in the yard, much to the outrage of Kop.

The mystery around Khulekani gets deeper.

Mzi tries to get Pearl back.

Jamaica lies to Blossom about the man in his life.

He seeks counsel from Bash.

Khulekani wants to see Jamaica, but Jamaica gives him an ultimatum.

Sabelo and Sindiswa reconnect.

Mzi offers to invest in RedHub, just to get close to Pearl.

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